Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:
March 31, 1938
Some Eggs
C.W. McCain of Tomnolen, Webster County’s largest poultry producer,
on last Friday sold the Jitney-Jungle here 1,200 dozen eggs. It is
believed that this is the largest single producer-to-dealer
transaction ever recorded in the county.

Embry News:
Mrs. Talbert Evans and son, James Henderson, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Alton Love and visited in the home of Mrs. R.N. Love Sunday
Mrs. Roxie Fox spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Hitt.
Mr. and Mrs. Watson Fox spent several days last week with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Hitt.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant McCain of McCain Town spent a while Sunday
afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Hitt.
Mr. Clyde Hood and son of Edward Springs called in the home of his
sister, Mrs. Alton Love, Sunday afternoon.

50 Years Ago:
March 28, 1963
Lebanon News:
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lee of Walthall visited Mr. and Mrs. Charlie
Latham Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Joe Hodges visited a while Monday afternoon with Mrs. Francis
Mrs. Levi Sellars was a Tuesday dinner guest of Mrs. Velma Lamb and
also visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Putnam in the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Kimball Kelly and sons of Greenwood visited in the
Charlie Latham home Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. Grady Erwin visited a while Wednesday night in the Levi Sellars
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Latham and Steve had as visitors Thursday night,
Mr. and Mrs. Maston Latham and Gail.
Happy Hollow News:
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones and daughter, Arlene, visited with Mr. and
Mrs. Curtis Sisk and family.
Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Harville and grandson, Paul visited Mr. and Mrs.
J.W. Stewart in Bellefontaine Wednesday.
Mrs. Lem Stallings spent Wednesday evening with Mrs. C.E. Harville.
Little Miss Charlene Collier of Sturgis spent the weekend with her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Harville.
Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Harville spent a while Saturday night with Mr. and
Mrs. Calvin Denney of Clarkson.
Mrs. John Jones visited a while Wednesday morning with Mrs. J.M. Hannah.

25 Years Ago:
March 30, 1988
Self Creek News:
Rev. Jerry and Judy Guess and son, Jeremy, visited the Clyne Gable
family recently. While there, they visited others including Decima
Neely and Mattie Pearl Butler.
Bridget Vaughan spent the spring holidays with relatives in Arkansas.
Madge Smith visited Decima Neely Sunday afternoon.
Rev. Avery and family went on a vacation last week.
Joann Gable’s aunt of Tupelo is spending a few days with her.
Bobby and Sammie Moore went to see Decima Neely recently.
P.D. and Flora Fulgham visited her folks in Alabama on Sunday.

Center News:
Mrs. Clara Thornburg went home after visiting her sister, Mrs. Fannie
Mr. and Mrs. John Morn and girls and Mrs. Fannie Blalack visited last
Sunday in Tupelo with Mr. and Mrs. David Madden and children.
Mrs. Georgie Huffman and Mrs. Fannie Blalack visited Sunday afternoon
with Mrs. Myrtle Johnson.
Jill Scott and Jonathan McCain visited on Thursday with their
grandmother, Mrs. Fannie Blalack.