Man faces felony charges

By Russell Hood
The Webster Progress-Times

Local authorities added another drug charge against a man they
arrested earlier this month on a felony drug warrant.

K-9 Deputy Casey Henderson stopped a vehicle containing the man with
an active felony warrant on March 15, according to a release from the
Webster County Sheriff’s Department.

Henderson, who made the traffic stop in the parking lot of the
Kangaroo quick stop in Eupora, made contact with Brian S. “Bo Bo”
Embry, the subject with the warrants, and placed him under arrest.
The warrant was for the sale of controlled substances.

While placing Embry under arrest, Henderson also uncovered nearly 50
grams of marijuana on him, the release stated. That amount of
marijuana is nearly twice the amount needed to be considered a felony.

The sheriff’s office said Henderson also uncovered a set of digital
scales that are often used for the weighing of drugs for sale, and
that Embry had hundreds of dollars in cash that was seized in the

Embry, 35, of LaGrange Road is being held in the Webster County Jail
on a $50,000 bond for possession of a controlled substance with the
intent to sell, sale of a controlled substance and a “hold” from the
Mississippi Department of Corrections.
MDOC has the hold on Embry because he was on probation at the time of
the arrest. He on parole for a Choctaw County conviction of sale of
cocaine, according to the Mississippi Parole Board’s website,
Sheriff Tim Mitchell expressed thanks to the Eupora Police Department
for its assistance in the traffic stop.

State inmate’s
mother charged
The mother of a Central Mississippi Correctional Facility female
inmate is charged with bringing contraband into the Rankin County
prison during visitation this past weekend.

Cindy Kay Turner, 55, of Maben was found with drugs, including 30
white pills of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, and jewelry, including
two Quartz watches and a bracelet, in the visitation unit, according
to Corrections Investigation Division investigators.

She was arrested Saturday after she arrived at the prison to visit
her daughter Renae Langford. The contraband was concealed on Turner’s
body, according to the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

“The introduction of contraband is one of the major problems
corrections officials face nationwide,” said Corrections Commissioner
Christopher B. Epps, who is also president of the American
Correctional Association. “The Mississippi Department of Corrections
has zero tolerance for bringing illegal items into the state prison
system. Regardless if you are the relative of an inmate, a staffer or
otherwise visitor to one of our prisons, young or old, you will be
caught and strongly recommended for prosecution.”

Introduction of contraband into a correctional facility is a felony
punishable by three to 15 years in prison, a maximum $25,000 fine, or

Turner was booked into the Rankin County Jail, where she later posted
bond, an MDOC release stated.

Langford, 26, is serving 12 years for armed robbery in Webster
County. She was sentenced in March 2005.

Langford, along with accomplices Michael David Albert and Ralph
Edward Manus, robbed the Ja-Mac convenience store in Mathiston of $83
in August 2003. Albert and Manus, both 27, are serving sentences of
12 and 13 years, respectively, for armed robbery.

Bank account
transaction scam
A local resident and the Webster County Sheriff’s Department are
warning people to be aware of checking-account fraud.

A Mantee woman, who asked not be identified, said her daughter was
helping her reconcile her bank statement online and noticed an out-of-
sequence order on her checks. The $315.44 electronic check written on
her account was paid to the order of “IntelCap Ref” and was not one
of her check numbers.

The account holder said she had never heard of the company nor had
any contact with it, so she called its customer service number
(1-888-982-7965). She said the customer service representative told
her that the call center she had reached has many companies and would
get back in touch with her, but it has not.

The woman said her daughter did an Internet search and discovered
that IntelCap Ref has had numerous complaints of being a scam. The
local scam victim filed a dispute with her bank, which is in the
process of trying to get her credit, and filed a statement with the
sheriff’s office.

According to one credit union’s website, IntelCap Ref is processing a
check through its members’ accounts for payments ranging from $250 to
$325. Additionally, other victims posting on the website
said their fraudulent checks from IntelCap Ref are endorsed on the
back with “Lewis Lauren Cash and Associates LLC.”

Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Contreras urged people to regularly review
their checking accounts and be aware of all transactions, including
those for debit and credit cards.