‘Easter Eggs Everywhere’ at Maben Library

By Dottie Dewberry
For the WPT

MABEN — It was beautiful day in the neighborhood and a beautiful day
for a crowd of kids to come to the regular Friday morning story hour
at the Maben Public Library on March 8.

Mrs. Mary chose “Easter Eggs Everywhere” to read as time is
approaching Easter. The story is about a rabbit, the Easter Bunny,
needing help coloring his eggs. A sly old fox sold him a coloring egg
machine that went defunct; soon all of the friends pitched in and
colored the eggs just in time for delivery.

Next crayons, scissors, paper plates, glue and brushes, glitter and a
stapler were passed around. Each kid had to color the rabbit’s face,
its ears, and bow or bowtie. Then everything had to be stapled in the
right place. After all had made their Easter Bunny mask, pictures
were made.

Ms. Mary then got out the Easter egg dye cups, egg lifters, hard-
boiled eggs, crayons, glitter and glue, and peel and stick faces.
Soon everyone had dyed his or her eggs, attached faces and put
glitter wherever: on themselves, on the table, in the hair, on the
floor and some on his or her eggs.

Before they all left Ms. Mary taught them how to sing “Little Bunny
Foo-Foo,” who liked to catch the mice and bop them on top of their
head. The Good Fairy told him if he didn’t stop, she was going to
turn him into a goon. What is a goon?

Soon the time was over, the kids checked out some books and left for
a beautiful weekend with his or her family.

Easter egg hunt
It was an exciting time at the Maben Public Library on March 22 as
all the tiny tots arrived with Easter baskets in tow, followed by
mommas and some grandmothers with anticipation for the Easter egg hunt.

Soon, Mrs. Mary had all the kids move downstairs for the story; they
quietly sat amongst the bunny rabbit decorations as she read to them
the “Easter” book.

This book revealed the religious aspect of Easter plus the secular
side of Easter. It was interesting to hear where the Easter bunny
legend originated.

As they listened, the mommas and Ms. Dottie hid all 100 eggs inside
the upper level of the library as it was raining. DRAT!
In less than five minutes, all the eggs were found, and the kids were
eating the chocolate insides, Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Dottie passed out
plates, napkins, chips, dip, drinks, Cheetos and little Rice Krispie
nests filled with colored, chocolate-filled eggs. It was PARTY TIME!

After awhile, the kids finally got full and started looking for books
for the spring break from the library.

The library will be closed March 29 and 30, and April 3-10. Come by
and check out some books and use the book drop when you finish.