Library celebrates Dr. Seuss’ birthday

By Librarian Fran Smith
Webster County Public Library

Dr. Seuss’ birthday was celebrated for two weeks at the Webster
County Public Library.

On Feb. 27, the Cat in the Hat paid a visit to the library and read
his story “The Cat in the Hat” to the children, who were wearing
their own red and white striped hats. As always the children sang and
danced before settling down for the reading of the story.

After the story, everyone colored pictures of the Cat and Thang 1 and
Thang 2. Cookies and marshmallow lollipops was served to celebrate
Dr. Seuss’ birthday. As the children were leaving, they were given
Dr. Seuss book bags to use for the books they checked out.

On March 6, “Green Eggs and Ham” was read to the children, again by
the Cat in the Hat. After the story, the children decorated green
eggs made out of construction paper. For a snack, each child was
given cookies and pretzels representing green eggs and ham.