Adventures of the ‘Big Wide-Mouthed Frog’

By Dottie Dewberry
For the WPT

MABEN — Feb. 22 appeared with the sun brightly shinning through the
mist but by 10 o’clock the world was beautiful to behold at the Maben
Public Library, where the tiny tots and mommas streamed in with bags,
baskets and bottles in hand for the Friday morning story hour.

Ms. Mary soon had them all gathered at her feet listening to “The Big
Wide-Mouthed Frog,” a story about a big wide-mouthed frog that
proclaimed to all who would listen that he ate flies. Everyone he met
he would ask who they were and what did they eat. Then he would tell
them he was a big wide mouth frog and he ate flies.

One day he met a crocodile. Guess what he ate? Yep, he ate big wide-
mouth frogs. When the crocodile ask the frog who he was and what did
he eat, he became just a small narrow-mouthed frog and off he skipped
to safety.

The dot markers came out next so the kids could dot their picture of
a big wide-mouthed frog. There were some unique frogs when they
finished. Refrigerator art.

This was a good day to learn a new song: “Five Little Speckled
Frogs.” Ms. Mary had each child sit in a row of chairs, and then she
started singing the song: Five little speckled frogs sitting on a
hollow log, eating delicious bugs. YUM! YUM! One jumped into the pool
where it was nice and cool. Then there were four. Continue this until
all the cute little frogs have jumped into the pool. This teaches how
to subtract one each time.

Back to the tables they went, out came the Play-Doh and scissors.
This is good for muscle control. Personally, I find it therapeutic.
It takes lots of muscle to mash it flat and then mash letter cutters
into the dough. They spell out their name or their version and then
smash it flat again or roll it into a ball. Then some kids like to
roll out worms or maybe they are snakes. Who knows, because before
you know it, the heads have been snipped off.

Finally, they peruse the stacks and get lots of books for mom or
grandma to read before next Friday. At the big desk, they get to help
Ms. Mary scan the barcode and then get a big piece of gum.