Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:
March 10, 1938
Who Laid the Extra Egg?

Out on the F.R. Bailey farm, there is a flock of hens which receive
careful attention by their owner. The entire flock, including one
rooster, numbers 18. On last Friday, March 4, Mr. Bailey went around
gathering eggs and was surprised to find out, although he had
carefully gathered all eggs the day before, that there were 18 eggs —
just exactly the number of his flock — including the rooster. It is
common knowledge that roosters do not lay eggs — or, at least Mr.
Robert L. Ripley has never heard about such a phenomenon. Neighbors
of the Baileys want to know what happened. Did the rooster lay the
extra eggs or did one of the fine-producing hens become extra
ambitious in celebration of some anniversary and lay two eggs during
the same day? At any rate, Mr. Bailey may rest on his laurels for
many a day, since it seems impossible for any owner of a poultry
flock to equal that record for egg gathering!

Lebanon News:
Mr. Bud Wilson and family moved into our community. We welcome them.
They moved on Mr. Noel Pogue’s place.
Mrs. Viola Lamb has been on the sick list, but is doing better now.
Mrs. Ada Dodd is up after being sick for some time.
Mrs. Decma Lamb spent Tuesday afternoon with Misses Margaret and
Louise Schaefer.
Mrs. Fannie Wilson spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Vera Schaefer.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Dodd and two children spent Monday and Monday
night with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tip Dodd.
Miss Lee Lamb and little Wilbert Latham spent Wednesday with Mrs.
Lora Carroll.
Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Lamb have moved in with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Jim Deskin, near Eupora.

50 Years Ago:
March 7, 1963
Flu Causes Closing of County Schools
The flu that has been hitting all around Webster County is slowly but
surely making its mark this week as hospitals and clinics throughout
the county are filled with patients and schools and industries are
reporting more absentees each day. Maben schools were closed Monday
when teachers were unable to teach due to the flu. Bill Nelson of
Webster General Hospital reported that they had been admitting an
average of 28 to 36 patients a day with at least 50 percent of that
number having the flu. Superintendent of Eupora schools, John L.
Sanders, states that absentees at Eupora are not as bad as Maben as
yet, but that they are running about 10 percent above normal. He also
reported that he was hoping the flu outbreak did not force the
closing of the Eupora schools since bad weather had already caused
them to lose some time. Dr. George Truett and Dr. William Gifford
confirmed that there was a small epidemic in the county. Factories in
the county reported some absentees but not to the point where
production has suffered. The recent outbreak is presumably the same
type flu that has been moving steadily southward in the United States
for the past month. Doctors state that the best thing that could
happen to break the epidemic would be to get about a week of sunshine
and pleasant weather.

Cadaretta News:
Little Rachel Allen and James Ellis Sprayberry spent Wednesday night
and Thursday with grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sprayberry.
Mrs. James Earl Sprayberry and children and Mrs. Ellis Denton of
Sabougla and Mrs. Rena England and Mrs. Dan Riley visited in the
Arthur Sprayberry home Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Braxton Clanton and sons visited in the D.P. Salley home
at Lodi recently.
Mrs. Charles Trussell and children visited in the Mallory Clanton
home Sunday evening.
Rev. and Mrs. Paul Weddle, Jr. were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Woods Doolittle.

25 Years Ago:
March 9, 1988

Self Creek News:
Visitors in the Mattie Pearl Butler’s home recently were Jo Ann
Gable, Fay Easterwood, Lola Thompson and Rev. Avery.
Shed and Allene Young of Savannah, TN visited their parents, William
and Cleo Thompson last weekend. She visited his brother and sister,
Elaine Oswalt of Reform. Another sister, Joy Harpole of Tuscaloosa
came to visit Estelle Fulgham last weekend.
Connie Vaughan and Decima Neely went to Columbus on Tuesday.
Bernie Smith stopped to see Horace Hendricks one morning this week.
Airman Harold E. Smith arrived Wednesday night to visit his
grandparents, Bernie and Madge Smith, also his father, Harold A.
Smith of MSU.
Cleo Thompson and Decima Neely went to Starkville Wednesday morning.

Lollar’s Grove News:
Mrs. Bertha Mae Cummings visited Mrs. Erma Montroy Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Johnson of West Memphis visited Mrs. Erma Montroy
Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Kathryn Strickland and Miss Willie Mae Hodges
also visited with Mrs. Montroy.
Mrs. Nellie Goines visited Mrs. Erma Montroy Sunday afternoon.
Miss Angela Fox visited Miss Beth Putnam of Eupora Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Delma Sims and son, Thomas Nation, were dinner guests of Mrs.
Earlene Bell and sister, Mrs. Mary Turner on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Thompson and son, John, and grandson visited
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sims and son, Thomas, Wednesday morning.