Maben Library decorated for Easter holiday

By Librarian Mary Boutwell
Maben Public Library

Patrons of the Maben Public Library have over the years kept displays
of interest to other patrons. Through March 31, the library is
featuring a display of rabbits and Easter decorations on loan from
Dottie Dewberry.

Dewberry said this collection started when her daughter, Deirdre,
saved a young bunny from the jaws of a cat. Ever since that time, she
(Deirdre) has been attached to bunnies of all sorts, shapes and
colors. She even named her cat Tom Kitten, which came from one of her
Beatrix Potter books.

On top of the library cases, the curio cabinet and the genealogy
cabinet are displays of bunnies that are glass, tin, wire, ceramic,
pottery, wooden and plush. One display has a family of bunnies all
covered in silica gel. There are a few signed pieces: Dot Bailey and
Peter’s Pottery at Mound Bayou. In the curio cabinet is one piece by
Jim Shore, beautiful folk art painting. On one case are two sets of
nesting bunnies. These are hard to find now.

With these bunnies is an assortment of books by Potter: “The Tale of
Tom Kitten,” “The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” “Tale of Squirrel Nutkin”
and “The Tale of Jeremy Fisher.”

There are a couple of books by Joel Chandler Harris, an American
newspaperman who compiled back in 1880 the Brer Rabbit folktales as
told by Uncle Remus into a book: “The Tales of Brer Rabbit.” These
are actually my favorite; I used to listen to these stories over the
radio. This was before television came to Artesia.

Margery Williams’ book “The Velveteen Rabbit” is also on display.

Over by the genealogy cabinet is one life-size stuffed bunny, sitting
and waiting to give all the kids a hug. At the front table are
bunches of Easter egg trees, bunnies, books and spring flower

The public is invited to come by and look.