Children enjoy Valentine Party, story

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — There is nothing like the promise of a party to bring out the mommas, dads and grandmothers for the Friday morning story hour at the Maben Public Library.

A grand total of 17 children and parents were present Feb. 8 for the annual Valentine Party and the subsequent story read by Kimberly Crowley Flora, as Ms. Mary was hoarse with a spring cold.

Kimberly chose to read “Froggy’s First Kiss” for those kiddies assembled in their pretty pink, red and white bows, dresses, and boots and jeans. The book was about a frog named appropriately named Froggy, who was in Miss Witherspoon’s class at school. Froggy suffered from wondering mind and Miss Witherspoon was always trying to keep his mind on the subject.

One day Froggy spied the prettiest girl in the room, who was new to his class. Her name was Frogilina and all Froggy wanted to do was look at her. His insides got soft, wiggly and felt like he had eaten caterpillars for breakfast. At recess Frogilina smiled at him and he fell on his head. At lunch Frogilina gave him an apple. Maybe she had a crush on him too.

After lunch they played tetherball together; Froggy was so busy looking at her that he got bonked on the head by the ball. They say love is blind; so is Froggy.

The next day she brought him a heart-shaped cookie. That afternoon they made valentines: red, pink, big and little. Froggy made one that he wrote I LOVE YOU on that he didn’t want the class to see, so he made it under his desk. When Miss Witherspoon hollered at him to get up he bonked his head again.

At lunch the next day, Frogilina told Froggy that she had a present for him: A BIG KISS. On the bus home everyone teased him about his girlfriend. Froggy felt really weird. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. His mom asked if he had made a card for anyone special. Froggy turned purple and hopped to his room.

On Valentine’s Day he served his mother breakfast in bed, and then gave her the big heart card he had made with the I LOVE YOU on it. His mother gave him lots of kisses: candy kisses.

Then the group used the dot markers and decorated the pocket plates. After the decorating everyone shared suckers, cards, cookies and candy gifts for everyone.

Then the big stuff came out: cookies, Cheetos, brownies and juice. YUM! YUM!

After checking out books, getting their stick of gum and waving goodbye the library was quiet again.