Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: Feb. 10, 1938 Hobson’s Record is Blasted Again The more they come, the worse, they get — for County Agent R.T. Hobson, who bragged last week about his fine flock of hens that exerted themselves to the point of topping the average of 9 eggs per hen per month for the month of January.

Elsewhere in this family journal may be found records of egg production that laid the Hobson hens in the shade — but now comes Mrs. D.A. Pittman Jr. of Stewart with a record that should make Bob Hobson take down his sign.

Mrs. Pittman has 31 English Strain White Leghorn hens. During the month of January, those 31 hens laid exactly 615 eggs, this hanging up a record of 19.8 eggs per hen! Just for the fun of it, let us say that every one of those hens laid 20 eggs during the month. The Webster Progress would like to hear from more owners of energetic hens!

Cattle Stolen, Then Returned A daring raid by cattle rustlers on the Grady community at about 9:30 on last Sunday evening resulted in the return of all cows taken from pastures or barn lots, this proving that the modern-day rustler is really not as bold as his counterpart of the old days of the West.

On Sunday evening, fine milk cows were stolen from the following persons who lived at Grady: Mrs. Earl Justice and Mr. George W. Justice; also four cows were taken from the pasture owned by L.B. Phillips of Eupora. The activities aroused citizens of the community. Mr. George Justice spent most of Sunday night in attempting to apprehend the rustlers. Sometime during the night, he overtook a stalled truck with cows in it, but saw that none of the cows belonged to him. He returned home, to discover that his own fine milk cow, as well as that of Mrs. Earl Justice, had been returned.

Again, early in the morning, it was found that cows missing from the Phillips pasture had also been returned. According to reports, the cows in the stalled truck were the property of Mr. Phillips. This incident was the culmination of a series of such depredations which have become prevalent in Webster County during the past few months. Many farmers have reported the loss of cattle, suspecting that certain persons unknown were operating in this territory, transporting stolen cattle to Tupelo, Memphis and other nearby points for sale at auctions.

Late on Tuesday afternoon of this week, it was not known whether any warrants had been sworn out against any individuals, but county officials were investigating the occurrence with a view toward apprehending the guilty parties.

50 Years Ago: Feb. 7, 1963 Peppertown News: Mrs. T.L. Mitchell and Lou visited Mrs. J.B. Pepper on Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Pepper and baby of West Point spent the weekend with the Kara Pepper family. Joy Pepper visited her cousin, Ruth Ellen Vaughan, Friday night and attended the supper at Cumberland Friday night. Jimmy Lee Card visited Gene Palmertree Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Fletcher and children of Jackson were weekend visitors of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wade Pepper. Mrs. Andrew Shaw had relatives from Choctaw visit her last week. Mr. and Mrs. Upton Pepper and Chuck and Mr. Bill Mitchell visited a while Sunday afternoon in the J.B. Pepper. Mt. Moriah News: Mr. Carl A. Ray of Jackson and Miss Kathleen Ray of Houston were weekend visitors with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ray. Mr. Thomas Johnson of West Memphis and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Doss and Darrell were weekend guests of the Walter Johnson family. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Johnson are returning home from Lakeland Air Force Base, Texas. Weekend visitors with Mrs. T.E. Shaffer were Mr. Noel Little of Memphis, Mrs. Earline Little and son, Billy, of Columbus and Mr. T.E. Shaffer of Oakland. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson of Eupora visited with the Oliver Johnson children last week. Mr. J.D. and Annie Lou Randall made a business trip to Memphis recently.

25 Years Ago: Feb. 10, 1988 West Shady Grove News: Mrs. John Stewart and little daughter, Bailey, spent from Thursday until Sunday with parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bailey, returning to Bentonia on Sunday. Pascal Hodges visited Friday with Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey. Sam Bailey was a Sunday visitor with the Baileys. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bailey, Mrs. John Stewart and Mrs. George Bailey attended the funeral of Mrs. George Bailey’s sister, Mrs. Pauline Noble, in Indianola on Saturday afternoon. New Hope News: Mrs. Judd Hays of TN came and got Mary Marguerite who has been visiting with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Griffin, a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Doss and Jay of Charleston spent Saturday with mother, Mrs. Mary Doss. Dr. Myra Macon of Cleveland spent the weekend with her father, Mr. Howard Macon. Mrs. Kay Dorroh and Kristin visited Mrs. Ernest Gregg Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Allen visited Mr. and Mrs. James Doler at Eupora on Thursday. They also visited Mr. and Mrs. Bert Nail and family at Starkville on Friday. Mrs. Opal Gordon and Mr. and Mrs. Durell Winter of Vardaman visited Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Langston on Friday.