Story hour features winter books

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — Even if the weather was slightly overcast, it did not keep the kids from coming to the Friday morning story hour at the Maben Public Library on Jan. 25.

Ms. Mary chose another winter book to read; one called “Friends Forever.” This book is about two Emperor penguins who grew up together. It tells about one being a great singer, and the other being a great dancer. Mumble can’t sing, but Gloria never laughs, because she likes him just the way he is. Once Mumble had to go away for fish, but he returned. Gloria was happy to see him, because they will be “Friends Forever. ”

Next, the kids and some of the adults went ice-skating in the library. Ms. Mary cut sections of wax paper, one section for each foot, and off they went skating. Soon the kids were skating all over the place, and who cares if you fell. It was still fun.

More seriously, Ms. Mary taught them how to cut snowflakes. Everyone was impressed with themselves as they admired their beautiful snowflakes when they were finished.

Finally, Ms. Mary took out the Play-Doh and letters, snowmen and sneaky snakes soon appeared on the table. Play-Doh is good for developing small motor muscles.

“The Story of Snow” was the next book Ms. Mary read to the group. From this book, they learned that snowflakes start out as a speck (dust, ash, salt, bacteria, soil or even a flower seed). When water vapor sticks to one of these specks, it forms a ball of ice. Gradually more water vapor sticks to the ice ball, and it forms a hexagon-shaped ice crystal. At the corners of the crystal, more water vapor will stick to it eventually forming a beautiful snow crystal. Snow crystals can be star shaped, plate shaped or column shaped.

It takes many snow crystals to make one snowflake, as many as hundreds or thousands to make one snowflake. Once it lands on earth it starts to fade or melt away. But just like Frosty, they will return again one day.

Soon stacks of books were checked out, gum was handed around and all the kids and momma in tow left until next time.