Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: Feb. 3, 1938 Agent Bob Hobson Has Good Flock The average production per hen for farm flocks for the month of January in Webster County, according to carefully prepared statistics, is nine eggs — the figures applying to those flocks which have been fed laying mash and grain.

County Agent R.T. Hobson’s flock of 40 hens, 30 of which are second layers — with 10 pullets — produced 378 eggs for the month of January, or slightly above the average. Such a yield of eggs is possible for every flock in the county with proper care and attention.

“Poultry and dairy cows seem to be the only road to an independent living on the farms of the South for some years to come,” says the county agent. “Especially the small farmer should take better care of his chickens and sows. Have YOU made plans toward this end, or are you following a hit or miss, unplanned system?”

Salt Creek News: Mr. and Mrs. Lamon Lamb and little son, Lyle, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Noel Pogue and children. Fuller Cook spent Saturday evening with Dock and Dolph Hubbard. Mrs. Stella McCain returned home Saturday after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Meek Graves of Ackerman. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Patridge and children were Sunday visitors of the latter’s sister, Mrs. Ada Hubbard. J.T. and Joe Lee Cooper, Dock and Ralph Hubbard and Lee Rone Johnson attended the ballgame at Mr. Lynwood Dodd’s Sunday evening. Miss Amy Dean Cook spent a while with Mrs. Alice Cook Friday evening. Alexa and Shorty Lamb were Saturday evening visitors of their cousins, Manuel and Bernice Pogue.

50 Years Ago: Jan. 31, 1963 Mt. Moriah News: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Frank Gammill and Janet of Jackson visited Mr. Walter Johnson and family last week. Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Golden spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Golden’s grandmother, Mrs. Kimbrell and mother, Mrs. Harve Williams in Pheba. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harrison and Debbie visited in the Randall home Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Annie Lois Brightwell and children of Jackson are visiting her parents, Mrs. Alvin Hathaway this week. We are happy to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ray home after several months stay in Georgia. Miss Donna Martin, a student at Mississippi College, is expected home where she will enter Mississippi State University and stay with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.I. Martin.

Hebron News: Mr. Wayne Whittington spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Whittington. Loye Stephens is spending several days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stephens. He will go back to school on Wednesday. Mr. Lowery Smith is spending a few days with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Alvin Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Wister Ray and boys spent a short time with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stephens on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Swindle visited with Mr. and Mrs. Rexal Swindle and boys on Sunday afternoon.

25 Years Ago: Feb. 3, 1988 Lebanon News: Mr. and Mrs. Lansing Lamb and Mrs. Mozelle Barnett attended a VFW meeting in Biloxi over the weekend. Rev. and Mrs. R.K. Hubbard spent Saturday in Belzoni. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Erwin of LA spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Levi Sellars. Mrs. Margaret Penson and Ida Marie also called in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Odom and children of Kosciusko spent Friday night and Saturday with Mr. Ivy Earley and Raymond. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Latham spent Thursday afternoon with the McDougalds in Columbus. Happy Birthday to Mr. Charlie Latham, who had a birthday on Feb. 2.

Self Creek News: Vervie Thompson visited Mattie Pearl last Sunday. Christie Saucier visited her last Saturday. Ashley Murphy spent a few days with her grandparents, Thad and Faye Easterwood. Clyne Gable visited Bobby and Sammie Moore recently. Bernie Smith went to see Horace Hendricks one day last week. Bernie and Madge Smith’s visitors Sunday afternoon were Shed and Annie Lou McMinn, Verna Tucker and Verna Lucille Ramsey of Memphis. Bridget Vaughan had a birthday recently. She and her mother, Connie, and grandmother, Decima Neely, went to Columbus on Saturday.