EWES celebrates 100th day of school

By Kelly F. Powell EWES School Counselor

If you were at East Webster Elementary School on Jan. 18, particularly around some of the youngest students, you may have noticed a celebration going on! They observed a holiday that began years ago at EWES, but has become a tradition in many classrooms — the 100th day of school!

Activities vary widely from classroom to classroom. The constant is that the celebration revolves around numbers, specifically the number 100, as the students celebrate the 100th day they’ve been in school.

It is also, in its way, a celebration of teaching math in a way that children get, with plenty of opportunities to handle objects – to count them, arrange them in different ways, and see what they look like grouped in different ways — so that when they see a number like 100, it isn’t just a set of symbols. They really have a good sense of how much that is. And since our number system is based on 10, ten 10s is a great number to celebrate.

A classic 100th-day-of-school project is for each child to collect 100 of something and display it in some way and present it to the class. This year I saw necklaces made out of 100 pieces of pasta, Fruit Loops or paperclips. I watched as students sorted cereal in four groups of 25, 10 rows of 10 or five rows of 20. I even ran across a couple dressed as a 100-year-old man and woman!

Thank you to all parents who volunteered and sent items to make this learning opportunity lots of fun!