Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: Jan. 27, 1938 Game Warden Catches Carp Game Warden Hugh Logan brought an 11¼-pound German carp into the Progress office Wednesday morning, the high fish having been caught in the Big Black River Tuesday night in a live trap which had been set to catch beaver for restocking purposes.

Mr. Logan had to wade into sub-freezing waters to bring in the giant specimen. County Agent R.T. Hobson says that at this time of year, the carp, buffalo and other types of fish come up flooded inland waters for spawning.

Pisgah Springs News: Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Patridge spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. C.K. Moore.

Mr. Rube Moore and children, Donald, Ida Lee and son, Ruby and Alma of Cleveland are visiting friends and relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Buck Brown spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Magee.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Brown and children and Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Cooper visited Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Brown on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Oswalt were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Watson.

Mr. Henry Thomas Cooper and children of Drew are visiting Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Cooper this week.

Miss Alma Sue Patridge spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Nellie Mae Burton.

Miss Billie Cooper spent Thursday night with Miss Yvonne Taylor.

50 Years Ago: Jan. 24, 1963 Sunset News: Mr. Billie Baker visited recently with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Baker.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Bingham and daughter, Tena Carol, of Starkville spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Bagwell.

Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Baker spent Monday afternoon with his brother, Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Baker.

Mrs. Oscar Medders and family spent Sunday with her mother, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tom Hodges.

Mrs. Charlie McKnight spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Oscar Medders and family.

Master Randy Tedder is recovering from a severe case of chicken pox in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Tedder.

Fellowship News: Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Smith visited Mr. Charlie Pollard in Starkville Friday morning.

Mrs. J.S. Jones and Barbara visited Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Pollard Monday afternoon.

Wesley Smith of Jackson spent the weekend with parents and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Smith and C.H.

Mrs. Billy Halford was out visiting with friends on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Breland and Judy visited Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Breland and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pinnix Wednesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Pollard and family were supper guests Tuesday night of Mr. and Mrs. Marell Breland.

25 Years Ago: Jan. 28, 1988 West Shady Grove News: Curtis Donohoo is home after several days spent in Webster General.

Visiting Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Minnie Bailey and Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey were Mrs. Gladys Harrison.

Mr. and Mrs. Van Bowman of Stringer spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bailey. Merle Harrison went to Columbus recently.

Mrs. Ralph Bailey visited with her daughter, Mrs. John Stewart and family in Bentonia last week.

Mrs. Will Atkins visited with parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Edna McGarr and Rev. Inmon were Friday visitors with the Baileys.

Self Creek News: William and Cleo Thompson made a trip to Starkville recently. They observed their 62nd anniversary in early January.

Decima Neely’s niece and husband of Pheba visited her recently.

Madge Smith made a trip to Starkville on Thursday and to Maben on Friday.

Ken Barkman was a supper guest of Clyne and JoAnn Gable Tuesday evening.

William and Claudia McClusky went to Jackson to visit her sister one day this week. They also made a trip to Tupelo on Friday.

Harold and Mimi Smith went to Tupelo last Monday on a business trip.