Snowmen sneak into story hour

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — Finally, it was a beautiful sunshiny day for the return of the weekly story hour at the Maben Public Library on Jan. 11.

Ms. Mary chose to read “Snowmen at Night” for those kids that came. This is a Scholastic Reader, which has full-page art with hidden shapes to be found: cat, rabbit, Santa face and a T-Rex.

The story was about what snowmen do at night. According to the book, they sneak off to the park, slipping and sliding, where they drink ice-cold cocoa. After refreshments, they line up for snowmen races, then they go over to the frozen pond and do some ice skating. Just like kids, they laugh and giggle and roll in the snow.

Eventually they make a bunch of snowballs and play a game of baseball, using a broom for a bat. But the best fun was when they had the snowball fight. By and by it was time to slide on back home. So if your snowman looks kind of tired and wore out, then you know what snowmen do at night.

After the story, Ms. Mary had the kids draw snowmen and then use watercolors to paint them. The best fun is always last, Ms. Mary prepared hot chocolate complete with marshmallows for everyone to drink. YUM! YUM!