Families First promotes active parenting

Families First for Mississippi is promoting active parenting through classes, workshops and presentations throughout the state.

Families First uses curriculum approved by the Mississippi Department of Human Services that is intended to prepare parents to be an active parent rather than a re-active parent.

Being a responsible and active parent is a difficult task. Parenting is not just about providing financial support for the family. There are many other factors that a parent must consider in order to set his or her children up for success in life. Families First For Mississippi is promoting active parenting throughout the state by educating parents on topics such as:

• Alcohol and Drug use in Teenagers • Violence Among Youth • Building Courage and Self-Esteem in Teens •Active Communication Skills

Families First services can be provided to any of the 82 counties in Mississippi. For more information about Families First services and its services, contact the Family Resource Center of Northeast Mississippi at www.frcnms.org or 662.844.0013.