Repaving improves highway in Maben

By Terry Harpole For the WPT

MABEN — Mississippi 15 has been repaved here thanks to the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

MDOT contracted with Lehman-Roberts Asphalt Repaving from Memphis, which then contracted with local area trucking companies to undertake this project.

In early November, Lehman-Roberts came in and began scraping all the old asphalt from the highway, beginning at the old Wicks Elementary School building and ending two miles south.

This old asphalt was then trucked to Lehman-Roberts’ plant in Winona, where their chemists checked it out and recycled it. The same asphalt was then carried back and used to repave this stretch of Mississippi 15.

Lehman-Roberts completed the repaving after three weeks and has repaved the shoulders. It also repaired and repaved the entrances of side streets entering the highway.

This is really a big improvement to driving conditions in the Maben city limits, plus the area businesses felt positive results with all the employees in the area.