Florist Maben Home, Garden Club speaker

For the WPT

“Friends are kisses blown to us by angels.” ~ Author Unknown On Nov. 12, the Maben Home and Garden club rambled out of town to the country home of Dottie Dewberry for the monthly meeting at high noon.

Guests started arriving around 11:15 a.m. and were graciously welcomed and escorted by hostess Dewberry into her fall-decorated home.

Soon the living room was filled to overflowing with chattering ladies. As noon approached the kitchen was permeated with the smells of a delicious luncheon prepared by Jackie Christopher, Jimmie Cooper and Dewberry. The ladies repaired into the dining room, where President Anne Earnest delivered the devotion and then blessed the food. Table by table the ladies filled their plates with traditional foods of the South: chicken spaghetti, pork fries, corn salad, green beans, apricot salad, pineapple fluff, cherry tart salad, sweet potato casserole, yeast rolls, sweet or unsweet tea and water; this was followed later with pies and yummy breads.

After the meal, Dewberry, the November leader, introduced the speaker of the day: Elizabeth Nason Jenkins, one of our own; she is the daughter of Sammy and Barbara Nason of Maben. Jenkins has her own florist/gift shop in Ackerman: Forget-Me-Not Florist.

Elizabeth arranged a variety of floral displays that featured baskets, several kinds of mums, sunflowers, Gerber daisies, curly willow, cattails, Scotch broom, dried gourds, aspidistra and colored vases accented with bows. She surprised the ladies with some of the color combinations but all were pleasing to the eye. Maybe the club members need to think outside of the box more often.

According to Jenkins, she plays at flower arranging, she does what makes her happy. It is good to do what you love.

Too soon, her program came to an end and the garden club ladies assisted her in loading up her displays. After which the ladies enjoyed the offered desserts before getting down to club business.

President Earnest called the business meeting to order by asking for the reading of the minutes, which were approved as read. The financial report was given and approved as correct.

Club member Sandra Bishop presented the two bids received thus far for the maintenance of the Maben Library grounds and the “Welcome to Maben” sign. No action could be made until three bids are submitted. She also submitted the bids for the renovation work at the four-way stop on MS Hwy. 15 in Maben. No action can be taken until three bids are given.

It was announced by Joyce Holt of the Yard-of-the-Month committee that the sign had been placed at the new City Hall that has been landscaped by Maben’s own Shuff Landscape Service.

Club Member Pat Harpole announced that the Adopt-A-Pot container has been moved from the City Hall location as it did not blend with the newly landscaped surroundings. It was relocated behind Cadence Bank.

Sandra Bishop announced that the Maben Library has a new display of Santa Claus mugs and Santa Claus dolls, which was on loan from Suretha Brooks. The December meeting has been moved to the Maben Methodist Church on Dec. 11 at noon. Members are to bring a “potluck” meal. The assigned hostesses will provide the paper products, beverages and desserts. They were also reminded to bring an ornament for “Dirty Santa.”

Mary Vowell of the Pack Rat Store in Louisville will be the featured designer of Christmas decorations for the December meeting.

The November door prizes were donated by Jimmie Cooper and Jackie Christopher. They were won by Dora Moucha, Lorelei Morgan, Anne Earnest and Martha McMinn.

Before adjourning, Kathy Lollar invited members to come by the First Baptist Church and to view the many Nativity scenes on display.

President Earnest then announced as there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned until Dec. 11.