Children have fun at Story Hour

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — Around 10 o’clock mommas and kids started arriving for another fun time at the Maben Public Library on Friday. Fun to us is read a good book, do some water coloring and eat a whole lot of stuff. This is just what we did.

Ms Mary read about a turkey (“Run, Turkey, Run”) that was running for his life as he did not want to be eaten for Thanksgiving. The humans were cooking up a feast and the turkey was next on the list: he tried hiding from the farmer in the pig pen, in the pond with the ducks, in the horse barn, where the other animals told him to get out of the farmyard.

So turkey headed to the woods, where he hid out. After searching high and low for turkey, the family had to have grilled cheese sandwiches for Thanksgiving.

Next Ms. Mary handed out one-half of a coffee filter, a turkey body, water in cups, and watercolors, complete with a brush, and cutout feet, turkey beak and waddle, plus bottles of glue.

The children then used the watercolors to paint the feathers on the coffee filter. They then glued on the feet, body, beak and waddle. It was another successful project completed and ready to go home to be posted on the refrigerator.

Fun time was next: fried turkey slices, biscuits, jelly and juice. Mrs. Rita Templeton brought a huge container of white chocolate popcorn for everybody to eat. Mrs. Michelle Reed also brought a batch of Muddy Buddies for everyone to eat. YUM! YUM!

After everyone was fed, the kids checked out books for the next week.

The next Story Hour will be on Nov. 30.

On Dec. 14, the library will have a guest reader, Whitney Yarber White, who will read her first book, “Don’t Swallow the Baby Jesus.”