‘10 Fat Turkeys’ at Story Hour

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — Friday, Nov. 9, dawned bright and beautiful for the weekly Story Hour at the Maben Public Library, where some bright and beautiful children, parents and grandparents gathered to hear Ms. Mary read about “Ten Fat Turkeys.”

For the story, Ms. Mary used the CD player that read the story. The story was about turkeys walking down a fence and subsequently falling off. Each time one fell off, the children would count backwards. The story was full of rhyming words, which helped them remember the next number down.

After the story Ms. Mary moved them to the U-table, where they got a bottle of glue, a plate with a turkey cutout, a container of crayons and bowls and bowls of colored popcorn. The children spread the glue on the feather area and then poured the colored popcorn on the glue; this made some pretty tail feathers. Then they colored the body parts.

The best time is always the food. Since Ms. Mary had told them they could not eat the colored popcorn, she had coffee filter bowls full of popcorn for each plus a box of Capri Sun juice. YUM As we were all jabbering about Thanksgiving and snacks the ladies came up with two that I will share with you.

Michelle Reed gave this recipe: Muddy Buddies: 6 cups of Rice Chex, l cup of peanut butter, l bag of milk chocolate morsels melted in the microwave. Pour this over the Rice Chex and stir until mixed. Put in a large reclosable bag with powdered sugar — shake until covered.

Rita Templeton gave this recipe: pop one bag of pop corn, melt one half bar of chocolate bark, and mix thoroughly. Other items can be added: peanuts, pretzels, M&M’s. Good for road trips. On Dec. 14 the library will host Whitney Yarber White, who will read her new book, “Don’t Swallow the Baby Jesus,” for the regular Story Hour.