Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: Nov. 11, 1937 Jitney-Jungle Offers Many Unusual Values In a full-page advertisement in this issue of The Webster Progress, G.E. Childs, owner of the Jitney Jungle store is offering hundreds of grocery items at prices far below any offering in some time.

This sale is given in honor of Founder’s Week, and Mr. Childs states that during the week from Nov. 12 to Nov. 20, he expects to do the largest gross business of his long merchandising career.

“I expect this,” he declares, “because I know that I’ve got the prices. I cordially invite the public to examine our advertisement carefully for bargains.”

Pine Forest News: Mrs. Wade Forrest spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Mattie Sellars.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jerrell of Winona spent Sunday with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Richardson.

Mrs. Mattie Sellars spent Saturday night with her sister, Mrs. Gladys Ray near Minerva.

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Sellars spent Sunday with her father, Mr. J.L. Summers.

Mr. J.D. Sellars had as Sunday afternoon visitors Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Ray and four children of Minerva, Mrs. Mattie Sellars and son, and Mr. Acker May.

Mr. W.H. Tharp and wife spent last Sunday with his brother, Tom Tharp, near Montevista.

50 Years Ago: Nov. 8, 1962 Maben Youth Gets High Scouting Award Don Scrivener, 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert B. Scrivener of Maben, has become the first Maben Boy Scout ever to receive the God and Country Award. Don earned the award under the supervision of his church pastor, the Rev. James S. Price, and was presented to him by Rev. Price in a special church ceremony. Don carried on many activities in the church or church related work for one year. Rev. Price served as his continued adviser and instructor in each.

Chief among the activities was a thorough study of the history of the Methodist Church. In this connection, he wrote letters seeking information relative to the study of the church background and history. He interviewed from time to time business people engaged in various activities of livelihood discussing with them activities of the church and receiving their viewpoints on religion relative to the operation of their personal business and way of life.

Don also prepared for the benefit of the pastor a large map of the town of Maben and dotted on the map the location of each family belonging to his church.

Though it was not a requirement and in no way affected his God and Country award, Don accompanied his parents last summer on a tour of Europe, where he visited the three largest churches in the world along with many others, some older than Christ, giving him a broader viewpoint of worldwide church activities. He also attended a service at Rome in St. Peters that was conducted by the Pope.

25 Years Ago: Nov. 5, 1987 Lebanon News: On Wednesday, Mrs. Christine Crick, Mrs. Addie Lou Tidwell, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Schaefer and Mr. Leland Sellars spent the day and had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Leland Sellars.

Thursday morning, Ms. Grace Box visited with Mrs. Cordie Sellars.

Raymond and Ivy Joy Earley visited with Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Odom and children in Kosciusko on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. David Earley and children, Adam and Jacob, visited with Mrs. Ivy Joy Earley and Mr. and Mrs. Levi Sellars.

Saturday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Maston Latham were Mr. and Mrs. Junior Odom, Phil and Curt, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Latham and Mandy and Mr. Charlie Latham.

Mt. Zion News: Mr. and Mrs. Allan Golding visited Mr. Bilbo and Miss Kate Hood on Thursday. Barbara Cooper visited on Saturday.

Charles and Sue O’Neal have visited Mrs. Maureen O’Neal in Starkville.

Teresa Taylor celebrated her birthday with a party on Sunday with friends and relatives.

Jeannie Watson spent Friday night with Samantha McCain. Several other friends spent the night, also.

Mrs. Rose Middleton and children visited the Charles Ray on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Turner and family visited Mr. and Mrs. David Rodgers and baby on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Matthews have his parents visiting them for a few weeks.