Home, Garden Club travels to ‘Serengeti’

For the WPT

The Gala Gallivant Gals of the Maben Home and Garden Club traveled to the Serengeti of Africa — Bill Poe’s garden in Starkville — on Oct. 16 for a most unusual tour.

After the welcome was made, Mr. Poe led us out into his Serengeti. The Serengeti ecosystem is a geographical region in Africa, which hosts the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world, which is one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world, and one that he and his siblings have visited.

While touring the yard and buildings, our host, Mr. Bill Poe, narrated where the mounted animals came from (all over the world), who killed them and just about everything one needed to know about the wildlife and flora of the region.

Animals were hanging from the walls, looking down from the rafters, draping over on the furniture, sitting on the floor or just staring at you from their perches. There were even a number of carved animals; the wildebeest stumped us for a moment. One building had a nearly life-size painting of giraffes painted directly onto the wall. There were topiaries of elephants drinking from a miniature watering hole.

On the Serengeti Outback building was a mosaic of a rhinoceros made directly onto the wall — most impressive. Plants were from wall to wall interlaced with paths of red brick.

There was much for the ladies to look and to admire before they moved back into the Animal House for the business meeting. Mr. Poe was a most accommodating and gracious host.

Before the tour, the ladies had partaken lunch at Brian Michael’s where Jimmie Cooper returned thanks. After the tour, Jimmie gave the devotion, which she took from Ephesians 3:20 and read “Accepting Substitutes” from “A Coffee Break with God.” She encouraged the group to ask and accept substitutes from God; they will be beyond our expectations.

President Anne Earnest then called the business meeting to order. The first order of business called for the reading of the minutes by club secretary Dottie Dewberry; they were accepted as read.

Jackie Christopher’s treasurer’s report was read and accepted as read.

Joyce Holt reported on the findings she and Sandra Bishop had located in the financials. After some discussion of this matter, a motion was made, seconded and carried to have Sandra Bishop and Joyce Holt secure three bids from designated local landscape services pertaining to the maintenance of the Maben Public Library and the “Welcome to Maben” sign and be prepared to give a report at the next meeting.

After some discussion, Joyce Holt moved that the dues be raised to $20 per year. Gladys Hendrix seconded the motion and the membership unanimously approved the motion.

Calendar Chairman Marge Musser requested that members collect monies for calendars up front as the billing for printing the calendars comes due when the order is placed. The next order of business pertained to the replanting of the corners at the four-way stop light on MS Hwy. 15. A motion and made, seconded and carried for Joyce Holt and Sandra Bishop to secure three bids from designated vendors for removal of the plant material and replanting with variegated monkey grass at the light.

After some discussion about leaders having to reserve space at restaurants, members were reminded to notify the hostess/leader if they are unable to attend the meeting as soon as possible.

Club member Dottie Dewberry invited to club to come to her home for the November meeting instead of at the church building. Mrs. Elizabeth Jenkins of the Forget Me Not Florist of Ackerman will be the speaker. Hostesses will be Jackie Christopher, Jimmie Cooper and Dottie Dewberry at the Nov. 13 meeting.

The final business of the day is the drawing for the door prizes, which were donated by Polly Miller and Dottie Dewberry, were won by Jackie Christopher, Jimmie Cooper, June Turner and Marge Musser.

President Anne Earnest dismissed the ladies as there was no further business.