Fall produce featured at market

By Jane Collins, Manager Maben Farmers’ Market

MABEN — The Maben Farmers’ Market featured large quantities of fall produce Saturday.

William Shaw offered his usual variety of greens, collards, tomatoes and fresh peanuts. I purchased a mess of collards and have cooked them down with salt and olive oil to make them delicious and healthy. Many cooks will want to prepare them with traditional fatback and salt.

Whichever way you season them, you will want to cook them down very slowly in a big soup pot for several hours so that you can eventually enjoy them with cornbread and maybe some purple hull peas that you put up this summer. Add Vardaman sweet potatoes and you have a great Southern supper.

Sam and Wanda Gray of Eupora came to the market for the first time on Saturday. They brought packages of shelled Stewart papershell pecan halves with enough pecans in each package to make two Karo pecan pies.

Wanda told me that she plans to come again this Saturday with some of her famous caramel-pecan candy and maybe some other homemade goodies made with pecans, which will be great for sharing with close friends and family as a special treat.

Sam and Wanda also have a collection of old SEC sports posters that they will bring this week for sale. These are collectors’ items and include posters of SEC teams and mascots, great for decorating your favorite teens’ bedrooms — think Christmas gifts.

The Maben Chamber of Commerce was also there selling chances on the A- bolt rifle to be given away Nov. 17 at the Market. The sales were brisk as customers came by to purchase their produce. Chances are $2 each or three chances for $5. The chances can also be purchased at Dew’s Place and Joe’s Tire and Service.

The market opens at 8 a.m. on Saturdays and will be open at least until 10 a.m. For more information about the market or past vendors call me at 263-8458.