Maben Cemetery full of history

By Terry Harpole

MABEN — A person can stroll over Maben Memorial Cemetery all day and still not take in all the history of the people buried there.

It is located on Webster Street near where the GM&O Railroad once was. In this cemetery are buried many people of all walks of life, including at least two men who were at one time principals of Maben High School, many businessmen and people who helped found the town of Maben.

There are even many veterans of both world wars, the Civil War and even one man who was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. An apple orchard owned by the Holland family was once in the cemetery’s location in the early 1800s..

The Holland family donated the land for this cemetery, with the request that spaces would be reserved for any family member who should want to be buried there. Many of the Holland family are buried there now.

In 1837, the Maben Cemetery was established, and the first person buried there was Thomas B. Heintz. Dr. O. B. Cooke, who moved from Cumberland in Webster County and moved his store to the former location of the drug store, is among the people buried there.

This cemetery is not a church cemetery but a community cemetery, and it was created by some of the people who founded Maben and people from all three of the early Maben churches.

Years after many burials, the Maben Lions Club purchased the land next to this cemetery for addition to the cemetery and it took the name, Maben Memorial Gardens.

Only a few short years ago, Maben United Methodist Church offered and agreed to call off services each first Sunday in June each year to host a memorial for this cemetery. Since the first memorial was held, many other burials have been held and the attendance at this memorial has grown.

For anyone interested in history, that person can learn a lot from a visit to this cemetery.