Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: Sept. 23, 1937 Some Hens Lay, Some Don’t No Webster County poultry keeper can afford to feed hens that don’t lay. The following advice given by J.D. Sykes, State College expert, is worthwhile.

“Distinguishing between layers and non-layers is quite simple. A full bright comb means a layer. Layers have large full abdomens whereas the non-layer’s abdomen is contracted. When a hen stops laying, she usually begins molting. The early molter is the short time or poor layer as most hens cannot grow feathers and lay eggs at the same time. Contrary to general belief, the early molter does not make the early winter layer. The selection of breeding stock should be based on early maturity, rate of laying, non-broodiness and persistence of laying.”

Riddling Creek News: Mr. Henson Bradshaw and daughter, Miss Rillie Bradshaw, visited relatives over in Choctaw County Saturday night and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wade Threadgill visited Mrs. Sallie Wells on Sunday.

Those who called on Mr. and Mrs. Willie Strickland Sunday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Carwyle, Mr. Alf Love, Mr. Melvin Bradshaw, and Mrs. Lum Vaughan and children.

Mr. John Dallas Strickland and Miss Cora Faye Strickland spent Sunday morning with Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Carwyle.

Mr. Bill Whitaker spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fate Childs.

Miss Sarah Cooper spent Sunday night with her sister, Mrs. Katherine Wright.

Clarence and Claude Bradshaw spent Sunday with Curry and J.W. Strickland and M.C. Jennings.

50 Years Ago: Sept. 20, 1962 Fame News: Visitors in the James Ponder home on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Avie Blake, Clovis and Thomas from Stewart. Miss Janette Middleton spent the night with Miss Glenda White on Wednesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Love of Coffeeville, Mr. and Mrs. James Ponder and Mike were Sunday night supper guests with Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Ponder.

Mrs. Irene Brown spent the night with Mrs. Mary Lee Ponder on Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Orman and Clyde Russell visited Mr. and Mrs. James Ponder and Mike on Monday.

Cadaretta News: Mr. and Mrs. Wister Woods are spending some time with their daughter, Mrs. Perry Sprayberry, at Bellefontaine.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pryor Doolittle and children of Eupora visited a while Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Doolittle.

Mrs. L.J. Hood, Mr. Jim Malcolm Hood and son, Jimmie Ray, of Grenada spent Sunday evening in the O.P. Baker home.

Mrs. Exie Williams and Mr. Howard Clanton visited in the Clyde Britt home to see Mr. Bob Middleton.

Mrs. Herman Clanton visited Mrs. Earl Doolittle a while Tuesday morning.

Cotton ginning seems to be the main subject around here. The Cadaretta gin is running day and night now.

25 Years Ago: Sept. 17, 1987 Bellefontaine Fire Department Gets Boost The community of Bellefontaine is moving closer to becoming the second community in the county with a fire department. Members of the community have been holding various fund raising projects in an effort to raise money for the building and equipment.

An application for a grant from the Forestry Commission has already been filed and will be forthcoming from the next appropriation. A charter of incorporation for the fire district has also been obtained.

District Two Supervisor Jack Knight of Bellefontaine said the project has generated a lot of community interest with 17 volunteers already certified as volunteer firemen. He said that since a lot of people work during the day, the problem of having volunteers to answer fire calls during that time was solved when several men that work at J.V. Wilson’s Leather Co. and stores in Bellefontaine volunteered to serve. Land for the new fire station was donated to the department by the leather company.

“This will put enough volunteers in the area of the fire station to take care of any emergency,” Knight said.

Gum Springs News: Mrs. Bessie Mae Crowley of Mathiston visited Mrs. Moree Vaughan on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cooper spent the weekend in Jackson with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jines and Stacy.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerstle Card and Mrs. Kathy Griffin and David went to Ripley on Sunday.

Mrs. Moree Vaughan visited Wednesday with Mrs. Ida Johnson.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parker visited Moree Vaughan Friday afternoon.