Gentiva Hospice presents GLC memorial service

From Press Reports

Gentiva Hospice presented a memorial service at Golden LivingCenter- Eupora on Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. to remember those residents who had passed during the past four months.

Chaplain Lynn Ronaldi of Gentiva Hospice began the program with welcome and prayer and followed with a reading from Psalm 139. Mitzi Swindle, Gentiva registered nurse, sang “Amazing Grace,” followed by scripture reading and homily by Chaplain Lynn.

LaDonna Caffey, activity director certified at GLC-Eupora, led a time of reflection and remembrance, and encouraged individuals to speak briefly in memory of beloved residents.

A candle was placed on the table and shown its light as each name was read.

These residents were remembered: Sarah Murphy, Clytee Coleman, Eulana Haggerty, L.T. Hunt, Ralph Hicks, Bobbie Sudduth, Clarence Linderman, Billy Clark, Charles Pulliam, Deborah Burchfield, Etoiet Turner, McFloyd Ferguson, Louise Kilpatrick and the Rev. Jimmy Latham.

Residents, employees of GLC, Gentiva staff and family members shared in this part of the program. Chaplain Ronaldi read a poem titled “The Dash.”

To conclude, Swindle sang “Take my Hand Precious Lord” accompanied by Caffey at the piano.

“Thanks so much for everyone who participated in this heartwarming celebration of memories of those who have experienced their home going,” Caffey stated.