Children learn about ‘Amazing Apples

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — It was another beautiful sunshiny day as the preschool children gathered with Ms. Mary at the Maben Public Library for the Story Hour this past Friday.

Ms. Mary chose to teach the children about apples from the book “Amazing Apples” by Jeff Bauer. One of the most amazing facts about apples is 7,500 kinds of apples are in the world.

The children volunteered that apples come in many colors: green, yellow, red and some colors in-between. Next Ms. Mary pointed out the different parts of the apple: stem, skin, flesh, core and seeds. She then cut an apple and showed them the parts and then had them rename them back to her.

The children learned that the apple tree flowers are called blossoms, which bloom in the spring. After the tree blooms, the flowers turn into tiny apples. In the fall, they are big and juicy and ripe-ready to pick.

There are many ways to enjoy apples; America’s favorite way is apple pie. YUM! YUM!

Apples can be made into jelly, muffins, breads, cakes and applesauce. Apple juice is good; they learned that it takes four apples to make one glass of juice. Plain apples are good to eat, too.

Listening and answering questions is a learning skill that children need to develop.

Next the children were issued blunt-nosed scissors that they used to cut paths on prelined paper they were given. This is another necessary learning skill for preschool children.

The children then were given handout sheets with pictures of two apples, the number two and the word two. The children colored the two apples, duplicated the number two and wrote the word “two” several times, and then counted the groups of apples and had the children encircle the groups of two.

The fun part is always the eating part; Friday Ms. Mary gave each child an apple, which she had cut into parts. The two smiley sections were the ones that she made into apple smiles.

To do this, she spread peanut butter on the section, and then place miniature marshmallows on the peanut butter for teeth. Then the children were allowed to eat the apple smiles. Some liked the marshmallows, but some liked the peanut butter the best. Believe it or not, some actually liked the whole thing.

Then the children and mommas and grandmothers helped the children check out some books to read at the big desk downstairs where Ms. Mary always treats the kids to a stick of gum.

Out the door they trooped like they had done this many times in their short young lifes.