WCSD taking bids for hunting leases

By Russell Hood The Webster Progress-Times Anyone interested in leasing available 16th Section lands in Webster County for hunting and fishing rights has only a few more weeks to submit a competitive bid.

The county School Board is accepting sealed bids for hunting and fishing leases on four tracts until 11 a.m. Oct. 2 and will open all received that night. The school district is publishing a public notice of invitation for bids in the Progress-Times’ Legals section today and Sept. 20.

Each lease is for three years and a minimum bid of $5 an acre has been established. Only the annual rental is subject to bid. Bids must be submitted for the entire parcel, each of which ranges in size from 572 to 639 acres. The parcels are located in Montevista, Center, Stewart and the Shady Grove area.

“We’re strongly encouraged by the secretary of state’s office to maximize our 16th Section revenue,” Superintendent of Education Jack Treloar said.

Local school districts manage or receive income from 16th Section public school trust lands. The local school boards serve as trustees of 16th Section lands and are responsible for day-to-day management of the lands and leasing. The secretary of state serves as supervisory trustee working with the local school districts to ensure that the lands are managed well and that the revenue from leasing is maximized.

For more information about submitting a bid, call the superintendent of education’s office at 258-5921.