Local band performs around state

By Sealy Smith For the WPT

The members of ARC may seem like a group of normal kids, but after hearing them perform, or even talk about performing, it is easy for anyone to see that they have a strong enthusiasm and talent for making music.

The band of young talent from the Mantee area is made up of Ashley Tutor on vocals and rhythm guitar, Cody Landrum on lead guitar, Heath Scroggins on bass and Hayden Steadman on drums. The band’s name, ARC, stemmed from an acronym of the original band members’ initials, and the members have claimed it ever since then.

The group of musicians says its musical influence and taste ranges from bands like Shinedown to music by Creedence Clearwater Revival. The band Crossin Dixon, which Tutor has met and performed with, was also listed as another one of the band’s musical inspirations.

Because the ARC members are so passionate about their music, they make time to play every chance they get. This year they have played at various events throughout the state including the Flywheel Festival, the Black-eyed Pea Festival Sparta Opry, the Red Hills Festival, June Fest, Legend of the Blues Festival, Pontotoc Lake Festival and the Sawmill Festival. They are expected to play for the Downtown Jubilee, the Prairie Arts Festival and the Sweet Potato Festival this fall.

“The first time we performed I was very nervous, but the more we play for crowds the more confident we get,” said Tutor. The band holds weekly practices on Saturdays that are open to the public, and audiences are encouraged.

“We will play for anyone or anything,” said Tutor. “We love an audience, but playing with the band is something we enjoy and do for ourselves, no matter who is listening.”

While all of ARC’s members have fun playing in the band, they also take their desire for music very seriously.

“I would definitely like to pursue a career in music,” said Tutor. “It is something that I’ve thought about doing for a long time. It’s a lot easier said than done to record and produce a CD, but I am willing to work hard enough to accomplish that goal.”

Sealy Smith, of Eupora, is a senior journalism major at the University of Mississippi.