Civic League hosts self-defense class

By Tabitha Fulgham For the WPT

MATHISTON — The Civic League of Mathiston hosted a ladies self- defense class Aug. 21 and 23 with Dr. Thomas Pearson of Starkville and James Phillips of Maben.

Pearson presented the ladies with information on Mississippi weapon permits and NRA training on how to carry a self-defense weapon.

Phillips opened the class with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America; then shared with the ladies the statistics of the Rape and Incest National Network:

• A woman is raped every two minutes in the United States alone (in the time it takes to read this article two, three, four women will be raped).

• Two out of three rapes are committed by someone the victim knows.

• More than half of rapes or attempted rapes are never reported to police (according to RAINN).

Phillips said he believes our culture around us, the music that is listened to and the music videos that have been raising our kids for the past 10 years have given us a generation of males that at best think women are prizes to be had, and worse, OBJECTS to be enjoyed then cast aside. He shared scripture on God’s perspective on self- defense.

On Aug. 23 James demonstrated handguns, OTC knives and pepper spray. The ladies had a good time practicing their kicks on the bunching bag.

Both Phillips, a Marine combat veteran with experience in martial arts and Brazilian grappling, also a certified personal trainer with FATCO and Dr. Pearson, M.D., certified NRA firearms and Enhanced Carry Class instructor; encourage women to be educated about Mississippi laws and practice self-defense.