Officials discuss business prospect

By Russell Hood The Webster Progress-Times

WALTHALL — Webster County supervisors and other officials discussed a business prospect during a meeting last week.

The agenda of the Board of Supervisors’ recessed meeting on Friday included “Wood College Expenditures.” Present for the discussion were Superintendent of Education Jack Treloar and administrator James Mason of the Webster County School District, and Executive Director Rudy Johnson of the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District.

The GTPDD owns the former Wood College property and is leasing the campus to the school system as a temporary location for East Webster High School until a new school is completed in Cumberland.

“I’ve got a business prospect coming in,” said Johnson, who asked that the board enter into executive session on the issue of economic development.

The board did vote to do so, with Johnson, Treloar, Mason and Tax Assessor-Collector Barbara Gore remaining in the boardroom with the supervisors for the discussion. The board took no official action.

Other Business Also Friday, Billy Smith, president of the Webster Center Water Association, met with the county board about applying for funds to make water system repairs. According to the discussion, Karl Grubb of Willis Engineering, who was also present, plans to provide cost estimates for the work.

After meeting with Charlotte Fairley of Belinda Stewart Architects, supervisors voted to enter into an amended agreement with Dixie Roofing to provide services to repair the Doss Building.

The board accepted a bid from the company on July 31 to reroof the building. The amendment was for a no-charge addition to the contract involving use of a different type of membrane that meets the original specifications.

Also Friday, the board voted to: • allow 911 Director Jimmy McLemore and a 911 dispatcher to attend the 2012 911 Fall Training Seminar in Tunica on Oct. 14-17. All expenses are reimbursable by the state. • buy insurance from One Beacon Co. upon the recommendation of Eddie Mauck of Hopkins Insurance, and increase “professional” liability insurance coverage to $2 million. • hire Chad McIntyre as a road hand for District 3 effective Sept. 1. • pay a bill from EDC Doss Electric LLC dated Aug. 30 for $53,750. The bid was accepted pursuant to proper advertisement and the entire bid procedure, but opening a purchase order was overlooked.

Aug. 8 The board also had a recessed meeting on Aug. 8. EMA Director Barry Rushing and Sheriff Tim Mitchell were at the meeting, along with Jody Stringer of Integrated Communications.

Stringer, according to the minutes, addressed the board about a radio system upgrade in detail, along with options to accomplish this upgrade.

Minutes show the board adopted a resolution that day concerning the erroneous distribution of tax levy and resolution of the error. The resolution states that during the fiscal year ending Oct. 30, 2011, “an error somehow occurred in the computer program in the tax assessor’s office, which said computer program was responsible for distributing to the different funds of the county the amounts collected by the county through the tax levy.”

The erroneous levy went undetected and continued into the following (current) fiscal year, records show. As a result of the error, in the fiscal year 2010-11, an inadvertent interfund loan was made because the General Fund was oversettled and other county funds were undersettled, the school district was oversettled for general maintenance and undersettled for shortfall notes, and road taxes to Eupora and Mathiston were both undersettled.

The board found that 15 errors of funds occurred in 2010-11, being either undersettled or oversettled. It ordered that the current budget for 2011-12 be amended to reflect the existence of the aforementioned interfund loans and intergovernmental payables and receivables on Oct. 1.

The board further ordered that the proper entries would be immediately made and, where necessary, checks issued to repay all the interfund loans, and intergovernmental receivables and payables. The tax assessor was ordered to withhold from the remaining settlements to School Maintenance, during this fiscal year, the proper amount to repay the intergovernmental receivable in full.

Additionally, the board ordered the tax assessor to repay all oversettlements and undersettlements that have occurred during the current fiscal year so that the ending amount distributed during this fiscal year to each of the funds and governmental recipients will be correct for this year. This action by the tax assessor will include, but will not be limited to, withholding from the remaining settlements to School Maintenance during this fiscal year.

During their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, supervisors accepted the resignation of Adam Cantreras as a full-time deputy sheriff and approved Justice Court Judge Jerry Jones’ request to attend a seminar and reimburse his expenses. The next meeting of the board is at 8:30 a.m. Sept. 17.