Local cemetery has interesting history

By Terry Harpole

MABEN — Maben Memorial Garden, located near the old GMN&O Railroad, has an interesting history.

Before this was a cemetery, the Holland family owned the land and had an apple orchard there. The Holland family donated this land to be used as a cemetery for the area with the request that spaces would be reserved for any member of the family who might wish to be buried there.

Many years later, after learning the land next to the cemetery was for sale, the Maben Lions Club came in and bought the land, and it became Maben Memorial Garden.

Many interesting burials have taken place in this cemetery since the old cemetery was created. Many people are buried here who were veterans of the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II.

This cemetery, for years, has depended on support from people who had family members buried there. This has changed, as the Maben Memorial Garden Cemetery Board started having an annual memorial a few years ago.

Since this is not a church cemetery, and Maben Methodist Church is nearby, the official board of the church approved calling off services each first Sunday in June to have memorials for the cemetery.

Since the first memorial, many people come back to Maben to remember and honor the people buried there.