Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: Aug. 26, 1937 Big Black News:

Mr. and Mrs. Dempsey Ferguson spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.L. Ferguson.

Little Sam Edd and Calvin Vails spent the weekend with their grandmother, Mrs. R.B. Strickland.

Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Crowley and children are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Crowley.

Miss Louise Thompson and Miss D’Nell Burgess were Saturday night visitors of Mrs. Summer Lee Thompson.

Messrs. Joe and Robert Burchfield spent Saturday night with their sister, Mrs. Hugh Vails.

Mrs. Muldrew Dalton and daughters, Mrs. Jack Venable, Mrs. Eula Andrews and Mrs. Jim Williams spent Thursday of last week with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dalton.

Mr. John Edd Ferguson is visiting friends and relatives in the delta.

Miss Mildred Vails was a Saturday evening guest of Mrs. Sallie Lou Vails.

Mr. and Mrs. Huey Swindoll and little daughter, Bonnie Jewel, spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dalton.

Pisgah Springs News:

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Magee spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ouida Magee.

Mr. Lindsey Patridge is visiting relatives in Birmingham this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Ray and Miss Nellie Cooper spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wister Ray.

Bro. J.D. Taylor and family are in a revival at Cascilla. We wish for them good success.

Mr. Hubert Vaughan spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. Harmon Cooper.

Mrs. Lindsey Patridge and children, Elton and Alma Sue, are visiting Mrs. Lewis Burton this week.

Mrs. Chas. G. Cooper has returned home from Drew where she has been with her son, Henry Thomas, who has been seriously ill, but is much better at this writing.

50 Years Ago: Aug. 23, 1962 E.G. Peacock Gins First Cotton E.G. Peacock of the Greensboro community was the first person to gin a bale of cotton in Eupora this year at the Farmers’ Gin in Eupora on Wednesday, Aug. 15. The bale weighed 465 pounds and as the first person to gin a bale of cotton, Peacock received $33 donated by Gary’s Grocery, Ray’s Dept. Store, McClure’s Furniture, Western Auto, John Vaughan, Wise Bros., Wilson’s, Stubbs, Bank of Eupora, Embry Drug Co., Taylor’s, Strickland’s Cleaners, John Gary, Doolittle Pontiac, Doss Oil Co., W.C. Sutton and Central Service.

Each year, a reward is made up and given to the first person to bring a bale of cotton to be ginned in Eupora. Mr. Peacock said his cotton crop was pretty good but declined to mention how much he thought it would make per acre. He says he will just wait and see.

Peppertown News:

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shirley and daughter, Ann, of Montgomery and Mrs. Fred W. Shirley of Tuscaloosa visited with Mrs. T.L. Mitchell on Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Turner, Miss Ruth Ellen Vaughan, Sgt. Truett Allen of Little Rock, and the Josh Pepper family of Ohio enjoyed a fish supper in the Leonard Pepper home on Saturday.

Gene Palmertree and Mrs. Margaret Pepper and Ken were Sunday visitors in the Andrew Shaw home.

Mr. and Mrs. Upton Pepper and son, Chuck, spent the weekend with parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Pepper.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mitchell, Peggy and Don and Mr. and Mrs. Howell Mitchell, Howell, Jr. and Lanny were visitors in the home of Mrs. T.L. Mitchell on Sunday.

25 Years Ago: Aug. 20, 1987 Mt. Zion News: Pete Salley spent Saturday afternoon with Johnnie Watson.

Sue Ann Ellison spent Monday with Chris Ray and Robin Davis.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Vaughan and baby visited in the William Taylor home over the weekend.

Mrs. Littlejohn’s nephew visited the family over the weekend.

The families of William Taylor, Bill Taylor and Don Vaughan attended the Taylor reunion at Batesville on Saturday.

Bro. and Mrs. Howard Taylor and family spent Thursday night in the William Taylor home.

Johnnie Watson visited Bethany Spell on Tuesday.

Lollar’s Grove News:

Rev. Joe Greene of Mathiston visited Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sims and Mrs. Kathy Fox and family on Monday.

Mrs. Nellie Goines visited Mrs. Delma Sims on Friday.

Mrs. Kay Holland visited Mrs. Delma Sims and Mrs. Kathy Fox on Saturday morning.

Mrs. Joyce Williams and Mrs. Linda Fields of Starkville were recent visitors with Mrs. Kathy Fox.

Mrs. Myrtle O’Rouke of Montpelier and her company of New Orleans visited in the Fox home on Friday.

Mrs. Bertha Mae Cummings visited Mrs. Nellie Goines Saturday afternoon.