Arrowhead hunt turns into bottle find

By Terry Harpole

MABEN — Dee Lewis, from Tupelo and Maben, will be found many days while in Maben searching for hours in area creeks for Indian arrowheads.

Dee, 33, the son of Rufus Edward Lewis, searches for arrowheads while visiting his father and his father’s wife, Robin, and Uncle Nick. Earlier this month, Dee found a number of bottles in Trim Cane and Josey creeks in Oktibbeha County.

Dee and his father both say they will find nothing many days, but each has a large collection of arrowheads.

“It is all really lots of fun,” Dee says, “because it is good to get out away from the busy town life and enjoy nature that God has given us.”

In cleaning an old NuGrape soda bottle he found, the patent number was visible. An Internet search of the patent number led to many sites, one being an antiques site that had the bottle listed for sale for $8.99.

He also found an old Garrett snuff bottle with the four dots on the bottom that was listed for $1.99.

“There are a lot of days, we will go and not find anything, but as I said before, the days we find nothing are not wasted, as it is so good to get out alone and really enjoy nature,” Dee said again.

Who knows what other treasures might be found some day in search of arrowheads?