Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: Aug. 19, 1937 Ellis Brothers Gin Bale at Mathiston Herbert and Hugh Ellis, champion 4-H Club boys of Webster County, were first to market at Mathiston with a bale of the 1937 cotton crop. They appeared at Mathiston on Monday morning of this week at the J.M. McCain & Son Gin, managed by P.F. McCain who ginned and wrapped the bale for the boys without charge.

Herbert and Ellis have won other honors in club work in recent months and are considered fine, industrious boys by their neighbors and teachers. They did not sell their bale of cotton. Samples of the lint and bolls were brought to The Webster Progress office Tuesday afternoon. The lint is far longer than the average for hill county production and there are 7 to 8 locks to the boll. The two boys are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Ellis of Mathiston.

Embry News: Mrs. Boyt Hannah and son, William Irvin, have returned home from a visit with their mother and grandmother, Mrs. W.I. Burton of Jackson. While in Jackson, the stork made Mrs. Hannah a visit on May 29 leaving little Carolyn Louise.

Miss Mary Evelyn Putnam of Cumberland is spending this week in the homes of T.A. Kimbrell and Mrs. Audie Miles.

Mr. and Mrs. James Pittman of Memphis were weekend guests with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Carroll.

Mr. Abb Peeples and family of Cleveland are visiting in the home of J.B. Hitt.

Mrs. W.L. Synnott has returned home after an extended visit with her son, Dr. T.G. Synnott of Houston, TX.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bingham of Lepanto, AR spent last weekend with Mrs. Bingham’s father, Mr. E.M. Shaw.

Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Trainor and family spent the weekend in Shaw with their daughter. D.W. Jr. and Odean returned with them after a week’s stay there.

50 Years Ago: Aug. 16, 1962 Lebanon News: Those visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Sellars on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allen Early and babies, Miss Janice Early, Mr. and Mrs. Odie Freshour Jr. and baby and Mr. Vernon Schaefer.

Mrs. Buddy Fulch and Keith and Jimmy Fulch made a call Friday morning with Mrs. Maston Latham.

Mrs. John Pearson visited Mrs. Roy Gatlin Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. James Tedder and boys visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gatlin Sunday afternoon.

Miss Becky Johnson spent this week with Miss Gail Latham.

Mrs. Vera Latham and Gail took dinner with Mrs. Lansing Lamb on Tuesday.

Miss Ida Marie Pearson visited in the homes of Mrs. Bettie Schaefer and Mrs. Zubie Schaefer Sunday afternoon.

Cumberland News: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stevens and children and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Earnest of West Point were recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Earnest.

Mrs. C.L. Stallings returned home on Sunday. She has been visiting in Memphis with Mr. and Mrs. Damon Crowley.

Mrs. Jack White visited last week with Mr. and Mrs. Gooch in Taylor.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Davis and daughter visited last Sunday in Tupelo with relatives.

Mr. J.E. Stallings visited several days in Birmingham with his daughter and family.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Farley went to West Point last Friday.

Mrs. Jettye Stallings and daughter are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Stallings.

25 Years Ago: Aug. 13, 1987 Self Creek News: The Pritchetts visited the Willie Jeffcoats Sunday afternoon.

Duane Shurden went to see his mother, Edna Shurden, this weekend.

Martha Powell visited Mattie Pearl Butler Sunday afternoon.

Estelle Fulgham had visitors at church with her on Sunday.

The Murphy children have been visiting their grandparents, Thad and Faye Easterwood.

Madge Smith and Jesse Smith visited Bridget Vaughan and Decima Neely last Sunday.

Clyne and JoAnn Gable had their family with them at church.

Decima Neely went to see Wrenn Butler and Thetus Daugherty one day last week.

Edgeworth News: Mr. and Mrs. Fuller Cooke of Columbus were Saturday visitors and supper guests with Mrs. R.L. Cooke.

Mr. and Mrs. Hayman and daughter, Bethane, visited relatives in Virginia last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark had Mr. Clark’s parents visit them for 3 days last week.

Mr. Jerry Gentry spent a week with his grandmother in Memphis recently.

Mrs. Debra Cooper, Jason and Justin spent a while Sunday night with Mrs. A.L. Cooke bringing her tomatoes and okra.