$36,269 for each one of the ‘little guys’ Guest Column

By Pete Shumpert

Of the 330 million Americans about 193 million people fall into the “worker and retired worker” category.

The Obama administration has increased our country’s debt by $7 trillion (See footnotes below). Most of this money has been given to these groups: 1. Europe ($3 trillion), 2. Big Banking, 3. Big Business, 4. Big labor.

Big Oil is being helped by Obama’s limiting the oil supply so Big Oil can raise its prices. All he has given to the “little guys” is lingering unemployment, inflation, handouts, financial worries and doubled gas prices resulting from his oil policies (We have seen all this in the news)!

If Obama and the Democrats are truly for the little guy, they could have given every American “worker and retired worker” an equal share of the $7 trillion they handed out to these “big guys.” An equal share to the workers, who are in broad terms the “little guys,” would have been $36,269 each.

I do not think they should have done any of the things listed above! It is not in the interest of any American, “little guy” or, “big guy,” for socialist politicians to use a communist-type central bank — the Federal Reserve — to print counterfeit money (which steals value from our existing money) and hand it out to anyone.

The statements above are to show where these socialist politicians’ true interests are! It is the regulate-boom-bust-bailout-takeover cycle they created with their Federal Reserve and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac that they are using to gain “government control of the production and distribution of all goods,” which is the definition of socialism.

Socialism is a program of envy and plunder by the “wise of this world” who think they “know what’s best for humanity” and yet reject the Ten Commandments. I quote Jeremiah to the socialists of all parties: “The wise will be put to shame; they will be dismayed and snared. They have rejected the word of the Lord, so what wisdom do they really have (See Jeremiah 8:9)?”

FOOTNOTES: 1. $7 trillion: The debt was $9 trillion when Obama took office; it is now almost $16 trillion! 2. $3 trillion to Europe: trillions have been given to Europe over the past 65 years to help its socialist politicians and make socialism look good to us! (Look up IMF and USAID on the Internet).

Pete Shumpert, of Eupora, may be contacted at sculptorpete@bellsouth.net.