Local church celebrates

From Press Reports

Victory by Faith Ministries, a local Christian Community Church, celebrated its freedom at its annual “Freedom Fest” activities on July 1.

Activities included a double wet slide with barbecue brisket and hot dogs on the grill. Food, fun and fellowship, free of charge, were provided for the entire family.

Pastor Ricky Watson commented, “This is our opportunity to minister back to the community with plenty of good food, fun for the kids and great fellowship with each other, and at the same time celebrate the freedom that so many families have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for us to be able to meet in church and preach the gospel.

“We live in a time where our First Amendment rights are under attack and what we can say or can’t say behind the pulpit is under question continually. We were able to minister to over 150 people and to bring smiles and joy to lives that otherwise may not experience it.”

Victory by Faith Ministries is a Community Christian Church that is located on Long Branch Road in the Sapa community. Pastors Ricky and Amanda Watson have been in ministry in this area for about 3½ years.

Pastor Ricky stated, “We have seen continual growth in our church from day one and continue to pack the church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Our mid-week “Make a difference” Wednesday services starting at 7 p.m. is like a Sunday morning service on Wednesday nights. We bus in youth from all over the county for our XTREEM teen ministries and also minister to our IMPAC Children’s Ministry that is from age 6-11.”

Sunday morning services start at 10:30 a.m. as the church welcomes all people with the love of God.

Victory by Faith Ministries is located 1.5 miles north on North Sapa Road and three-tenths mile left on Bowen Road. If you don’t have a home church, you’re welcome to visit any time.