Heavy water demand causes discoloration

From Staff Reports

The Eupora water system could be experiencing some discoloration during the next few weeks, according to Mayor Tommy Lott.

The discoloration is the result of the heavy demand during the peak season, Lott said.

“Our four wells are working overtime pumping an average of 35 million gallons per month. This heavy demand is causing a load and producing a tremendous rush of volume throughout our entire system, which includes Walthall, Bellefontaine and the LaGrange area in Choctaw County. Also, Eupora serves the Sapa Water Association,” he stated in a release.

“We are currently flushing our infrastructure and at the same time attempting to conserve as much water as possible,” he added.

“Should you experience discoloration, please bear with us,” Lott said. “We expect this to clear up as the demand drops and cooler weather approaches. I want to assure the public that our water quality is good. We receive good reports from Mississippi State Health Department each month.”