Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: July 29, 1937 Eupora Never Fails It is not often that the people of Eupora are called on for cooperative action, but in the past whenever they have been called on to put over important business, they have never failed.

This week, an urgent and important problem faces the town. The beautiful community house, for which over twelve thousand dollars have already been spent, must be completed. A sum of approximately five hundred dollars is needed. All funds have been exhausted and unless emergency action is made, this beautiful structure will be doomed to remain incomplete and suffer deterioration in the coming months and years.

The town treasury, as we all know, has been stretched to the limit, and no funds could possibly be provided therefrom. Federal funds have been exhausted (except for labor) and it is not probable that additional revenue can be obtained from the government, which has already been liberal.

This community house must be finished. Such an institution will enhance the value of every piece of residential and business property within the city limits. Its completion will also answer in part the accusation that Eupora people have been derelict in providing wholesome recreational means for its young men and women. Absence of a city hall, courthouse or general public meeting place has often penalized the general progress of the town. This institution is not only a luxury, but it will fill a practical need. To let it remain unfinished would be a catastrophe.

Therefore, when the ladies of the committee call on you this week, remember to do your duty. The amount to be raised is larger than that which accompanies the usual “solicitation” and it will be necessary for many to make a sacrifice, but it will be worth the sacrifice from both a business and social standpoint. Eupora people have never failed to meet a sensible obligation. It is not probable that they will fail in this incidence.

50 Years Ago: July 25, 1962 Big Black News: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crowley were Sunday guests with Mr. and Mrs. Glen Murphree. Guests with Mr. and Mrs. Dewie Crowley last week were Mrs. Fannie Mae Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Sewell, Mr. and Mrs. Omy Carlisle, Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson, Mr. John Card and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Crowley, Summer Lee Thompson, Mrs. Louise Bland, Mrs. Maud Bland and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Palmer.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Sewell and Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Henley were Sunday callers to see Mr. and Mrs. George Pritchard.

Mrs. James Crowley spent Wednesday with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Clemons.

Mr. and Mrs. David McMahan and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tom Curry were recent guests with Mrs. Mattie Meredith.

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Johnson were recent guests with Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson.

Mrs. Dera Gammill and son were Tuesday callers in the C.T. Henley home.

Peppertown News: Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Bogan and children of Columbus and Mrs. Aaron Pepper and Kenneth were visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shaw.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Anderson and children were supper guests Saturday night in the Leonard Pepper home.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCain were visitors on Saturday with Mrs. T.L. Mitchell. Lt. Rachael Mitchell of Memphis spent the weekend in the Mitchell home.

Joy and Glenna Pepper spent the day with grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Pepper on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Pepper and boys visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howell Pepper on Sunday.

Mrs. Hallie Roberson and daughter, Dianne, were recent visitors with Mrs. Leonard Pepper and Joy.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Johnson were guests in the Jim Palmertree home Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. James Roberson and baby were supper guests in this home. Sunday visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neblett and son and Mr. and Mrs. Vick Jenkins and Jimmie Earl.

25 Years Ago: July 23, 1987 Edgeworth News: Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Kitchens and son were visitors and supper guests Saturday night with Mrs. Diane Hill and children.

Mrs. Frances Cooper came home from the hospital on Tuesday and is improving.

Mr. Austin Cooke of Columbus came down Wednesday to visit relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper visited Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Cooper.

Little Christy Clark spent last week visiting relatives in Jackson.

Miss Haymen had a friend visiting with her Sunday and they attended church.

Lollar’s Grove News: Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Goines visited children, Mr. and Mrs. Fuller Cook and grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Cook of Columbus a couple of days last week.

Mrs. Nellie Goines and Mrs. Erma Montrey visited Mrs. Delma Sims a while Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Dolly Hood visited Kathy Fox Saturday night.

Angela and Chris Fox spent the night with David and Kim Hood on Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sims were Mr. and Mrs. Brown of West Point and Mr. Bill McCann and Mrs. Elza Weeks of Longview.

Mrs. Edna Hill of Mathiston visited Mrs. Delma Sims on Tuesday.