Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: July 22, 1937 Styles Go Round and Round Little girls of 21 years ago wore almost exactly the style in hats that little girls do today, which goes to prove that styles, like the music, really go round and round.

Twenty-one years ago, Mr. Lon Pryor of Slate Springs brought his little seven-year-old daughter, Sara, to Eupora and bought for her a hat from Mrs. W.D. Evans. That was in 1916 — just to keep our dates straight.

Little Sara Pryor of 1916 is now Mrs. Sara Doss. She has a little seven-year-old daughter, and believe it or not, last week Mrs. Doss brought to Mrs. Evans, who is still in business here in Eupora, that very hat with an order that it be retrimmed for her daughter to wear! The hat is now on display in the show window at Mrs. Evans’ store here in town.

Clarkson News: Mrs. Ella Lewis who spent last week here with her sister, Mrs. Lula Kimbrell, left Sunday for a visit with her son, Mr. Ollie Lewis.

Miss Orine Weeks was the attractive guest of Mrs. Violet Cochran on Saturday night.

Miss Aileen Alexander is visiting Mrs. Grace Scott at this writing.

Sorry to report that Mr. J.W. Scott got his back hurt while working in timber last week, but glad to see him up and about now.

Mrs. Susie Palmer returned home Friday after an extended visit with her children.

Mr. Cecil Palmer and sister, Lois, were Sunday guests in the John Scott home.

Visitors in the A.C. Palmer home on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Neely and children and Mr. George Palmer and children.

Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Ingram spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. A.C. McDowell.

50 Years Ago: July 18, 1962 Fame News: Rev. and Mrs. Wade Crotts and Dennis and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Avent spent most of their vacation visiting relatives in North Carolina.

Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Young and granddaughter of Chicago are spending this week with relatives in this and other communities.

Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Foust and Mr. and Mrs. James Whitaker and baby spent last week in Arkansas and Alabama with relatives.

Those visiting Mr. Albert Young in the Elvis Foust home this week were Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Young of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bridges of West Point, Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Hendrix and Sandra, Mr. and Mrs. Preston Young and Paul of Sand Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Wright, Mrs. Hazel Wright, Mrs. Nora Lee Love and Mr. J.W. Shaw.

Mr. Elvis Foust and Mr. and Mrs. James Ponder were Tuesday night visitors with Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Ponder.

Springhill News: Misses Gail and Alma Dean Ellis of Slate Springs visited recently with Miss Brenda Roberts.

Miss Brenda Roberts is visiting with her aunt, Mrs. Frank Putnam of Memphis. While there, they visited Mr. and Mrs. Alton Putnam of Marietta, GA and Mr. and Mrs. Donald McDade of Smyrna, Ga.

Mr. and Mrs. Lanier Beck and children of Memphis spent several days last week with parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Beck. Sunday visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Beck and son of Louisville.

Mr. and Mrs. Hampie Woods and children of CA are visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stoddard and Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Woods.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tom Kimbrell and children are visiting his mother, Mrs. Agnes Kimbrell.

Mrs. Carl Roberts spent Thursday with Mrs. C.W. O’Neal.

25 Years Ago: July 16, 1987 Happy Springs News: Visitors with Mrs. Lee Atkins recently were Mrs. May Nell Willie of Flanisant, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. O’Neal Carroll of Aberdeen, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ray Atkins of West Point, Mrs. Maxie Turner Atkins of Mathiston, Mrs. Lilly May Hill of Wood Jr. Road.

Mrs. May Nell Willie and Mrs. Lee Atkins enjoyed visiting with Mrs. J.Y. Turner on Saturday afternoon. Mr. Jerry Atkins and sister, Mrs. May Nell Willie, will visit with Mr. J.T. Atkins next week.

Miss Wanda Atkins spent the weekend with parents over the weekend.

Mt. Zion News: The pretty flowers at church on Sunday were furnished by Mrs. V.A. Taylor, Barbara Cooper and Mrs. Blalack.

Mrs. Doris Vance has been with her mother, Mrs. Lois Helms, this week.

Bro. and Mrs. Waymon Betts and Brad were at Double Springs on Sunday.

Billy, Sandra and Janet Taylor were Saturday night supper guests in the Larry Watson home.

Teresa Taylor spent Sunday afternoon with Jeannie Watson.

Sandra and Janet Taylor are visiting Atlanta this week with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Travis Watson Jr. and Gregg.