Holland regular user of Maben track

By Terry Harpole For the WPT

MABEN — During the administration of former Mayor Jim Harris Johnson, people who were interested in seeing a walking track built at the Maben Park attended a meeting at Maben City Hall.

The park is next to the Maben Public Library and surrounds the W. O. “Bill” Shivers Pavilion. The meeting had a large turnout and many people did write letters to the Appalachian Regional Commission for a grant to build this walking track.

The town’s current administration continues today in keeping up the maintenance of the park and keeps it looking nice. On many mornings, a few hours before daylight and a few hours before sunset, you will find many people using this walking track.

One of the most frequent users of this walking track is Dorothy Holland, who sometimes will be seen at the track two times a day. Miss Dorothy, who will be celebrating her 79th birthday on Oct. 7, moved to Maben in 1978 from the Eupora area and now lives on Harpole Street.

She will walk from her home, which is a good quarter of a mile away, and upon arriving at the track will walk around it enough to have walked six miles, and then walk back home.

When asked about any doctor’s visits, she replied that she did have to pay visits to her doctor’s office but only for regular checkups and to get her few medications.

In addition to being a regular user of this walking track, Miss Dorothy is a faithful member and worker in the Church of God of Prophecy on Highway 15 in Maben.