Children create artwork at Maben SRP

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — The final program in the Summer Reading Program was June 26 at the Maben Public Library with Lisa Hester, who is the art instructor for the Webster County School District.

For the 25 children and the 15 adults who assisted, it was a Picasso of Organized Chaos, which resulted in beautiful pieces of artwork. First, each child received a white sheet of heavy card stock and then they were allowed to choose three “Craypa” crayons.

The first instructions were to make straight lines from side to side to look like trees, which Ms. Hester demonstrated. Then they were told and shown how to draw turkey feet branches, which they drew on each of their trees.

After this the kids all lined up (gathered around) the paint box, where they were told to select a color (blue, pink, red and reddish blue), and to use the paint brush and to brush tempera paint over their previously drawn trees. Then each child took them to the back room of the library to dry.

They were issued new card stock sheet and with their Crayola crayons they drew a circle with another connecting circle below it. They were then instructed to draw two small triangles at the top of the first circle. These would be the ears. They were shown to draw two small circles inside of the top circle for eyes. They then drew an inverted triangle for the nose.

Last the kids drew two large oval circles connected the top and bottom circles-these would serve as the wings. After they finished, they were asked to repeat the process on their own. Ms. Hester then handed out child-safe scissors so the kids could cut out their creation. They then retrieved their artwork from the back room and put their OWL in the trees. WOW!

The children and parents then applauded Ms. Hester for her lesson in Wax Resistance Art, which turned out beautifully.

Ms. Mary Boutwell, the Maben Librarian, got everyone’s attention as it was now time to give out prizes. First, they drew for “Just being Present”; these two prizes were won by Brook Murphy and Taylor Pruitt. The next prizes were awarded to children who had read the most books for the week. They were won by Rylin Mamrak (ages 4-7), 53 books, and by Jace Makamson (ages 8-12), six chapter books.

All those children who completed the program received a free book, which was donated to the library by the Starkville Public Library. To complete the program the 4- to 7-year-olds had to read 15 books; the 8- to 12-year-olds had to read four chapter books.

Finally, all of the children got to go to the big prize box, which is monitored by Dorothy Lofton, and to select two prizes of their choice. YEA!!!

The regular Story Hour will resume Sept. 7 at 10 o’clock. This program is for children aged 3 through 6.