Summer Reading Program great success

By Fran Smith, Librarian Webster County Public Library

The 2012 Summer Reading Program at Webster County Public Library was a great success with 113 children in attendance for the four weeks in June.

During the first week the children were amazed at the artwork of Edwin Faughn of Rainwater Observatory in French Camp as he displayed pictures of planets and other objects in the deep, dark space that he painted as well as pictures taken from the Hubble Telescope.

On the second week, Michael Opferman from Animal Tales of Mayfield, Ky., educated and entertained children and adults with unusual animals of the night. He brought five live animals: a snake, a toad, a porcupine, an owl and a member of the raccoon family.

Different children assisted Michael with the animals by holding the toad, picking up the snake, and feeding the raccoon and the porcupine. After his presentation, Michael had another snake for the children to pet. Some brave ones did pet the snake, including Ms. Bonnie.

During the third week, Ms. Dot and Ms. Pat along with Faye Oglesby, Judi Shumpert and Eden Blakely presented a program of stories and songs with puppets. They read the story “In A Dark, Dark Wood.” The children laughed, danced and enjoyed the program.

The fourth week of the program was about “wishes.” Julia Stephenson read the book “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble,” giving each child a red pebble, representing the magic pebble in the story. After the story, the children had a craft session where they wrote in a journal, decorated a star and wrote out their wishes.

At the conclusion of the program, certificates were given to all children in attendance and special recognition went to Jacob Edwards winning the top prize for reading the most books with D.P. Salley coming in second. After each program every child was given a goody bag with prizes, books, bookmarks and snacks.

The staff of Webster County Public Library thanks Webster Health Services, Dr. Charlie Tillman, Deweese Payroll Advance LLC, Belinda Stewart Architects P.A., Sara’s Flower Shop, CB&S Bank, Bonita Martin and State Farm Insurance for their assistance as sponsors of the Summer Reading Program. Their donation of money and supplies aided the library in providing a wonderful program for the children.