Dew’s Place well worth time for a visit

By Terry Harpole For the WPT

MABEN — With all the eating places in and around the area, the small town of Maben is not to be left out.

Dew’s Place, located on Highway 15 across from the Maben Post Office and next to Springer’s Dry Goods, was built in the 1950s by the late Daily Reed and was a Shell service station.

Later, this place was owned by the late William Harpole and was a Lion service station. It was a favorite spot to go and buy gas, get flats fixed and just hang around. Two oak trees were in front of the building next to the highway, with a wooden bench attached for people hanging around to sit.

This place was later owned by the late Kirk “Peck” Bishop, still as a service station, and one of his brothers, “Slim,” worked with him. Even later, this building was owned by the late Gerri Tenhet as a quick stop and by David Pugh of Pugh’s Grocery. Later, this building was owned my Larry Perry, who was also coach at Maben High School and then principal at Maben Elementary School.

This same building, which has also been owned by others, was bought 14 years ago by Betty Burgess Johnson, wife of Jim Harris Johnson.

This place has now been bought by Gary Dewberry, a longtime sawmill and woodworker in the area, and his wife, Debra. The thing about this business is that since the Johnsons owned it and up to today after the Dewberrys bought it, little changeover has been seen in the people who work there. Pam Brown, April Allen, Lorie McKee and Janet White have all been employees of this place for years.

Miss Pam is head cook and has been working there 14 years; April, six years; Lori, five years; and Janet, five years.

This is still one of Maben’s favorite places to hang around, as Dew’s Place does still open every morning at 4 and remains open until around 7 p.m. Inside, one finds a food warmer that keeps hamburgers, cheeseburgers and chicken ready for customers; and pictures that hunters and fishermen have brought in lining the walls.

One item on the Wednesday lunch buffet is Miss Pam’s chicken spaghetti, which many people will call in on Tuesday and place orders for ahead of time.

If you live in driving distance of this place, now called Dew’s Place, it is well worth the time for a visit.