Grand jury indicts 3

From Staff Reports

Webster County grand jurors have submitted a report of their findings during the July term of Circuit Court.

The report, which shows their investigations and findings, states the grand jury investigated five reported violations of the law and questioned six witnesses on June 18, when it was empaneled.

The grand jurors found evidence to return three true bills, or indictments. Two matters were no-billed, meaning the grand jury did not find sufficient evidence to indict.

Grand jurors also inspected county buildings, according to the dictates of state law, and reported these findings (edited for clarity and style):

Courthouse: “The general appearance of the Courthouse is poor. The sidewalks and steps on the outside are cracked and need to be repaired. The foyer in the inside of the Courthouse need to be replaced in the tax assessor’s office, the circuit clerk’s office and the chancery clerk’s office.

“Additional handrails are needed on the walls on all the stairs in the Courthouse. Missing covers on the steps need to be replaced. The smoke detector behind the courtroom entry door is missing the cover.

Health Department: “Water-damaged ceiling tiles and light fixtures throughout the building need to be repaired. Missing floor tiles in the reception area need to be replaced. A cracked widow in the reception area needs to be replaced. Also, the fire alarm needs to be replaced. Justice Court

“The Exit light at the main entrance does not come on unless there is a power failure. Ceiling tiles and floor tiles in multiple offices need to be repaired or replaced. Light covers and switches are needed in several offices and a blank cover is needed over old electrical outlets.

“The air vent in the clerk’s office needs to be repaired or replaced. The phone line in the office across from the vault needs to be reworked, rerun or hidden. The bathroom has no hot water. The fire extinguishers need to be checked.

Jail “We find the jail sufficient for safekeeping of a limited number of prisoners. The entrance light is out in the evidence room. Most of the recommendations from the prior grand jury have been addressed or are in the process of being addressed.”

Kenny May served as foreman of the grand jury. Circuit Judge Joey Loper is presiding during this court term, which ends Friday.