Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

June 24, 1937 Local Lawyer in Important Case L.F. Latham, Eupora lawyer, is in Shreveport this week where he has been employed by certain Mississippi gas and oil dealers accused by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of gasoline tax evasion and fraud.

The bureau is seeking indictment in federal court of over a 100 dealers, about 40 of whom are Mississippians, many of them well-known here. The United States attorney declared that the case would rival in interest the famous Tea Pot Dome Scandal of the Harding Administration. Mr. Latham is one of the state’s ablest lawyers and will be a candidate for circuit judge in next year’s primaries.

Embry News: Mrs. J.B. Hitt spent Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. Warren, at Big Creek. J.B. Laine from CCC Camp at Senatobia spent the weekend with relatives here.

Paul Synott returned home from Wood Junior College on Friday.

James Boyd and DeLois Taylor are visiting in St. Louis, Chicago and Des Moines.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Trainor visited Mrs. Trainor’s mother near Walthall on Sunday.

Mr. Tom Kimbrell left with his daughter, Moree, on Monday from New Orleans.

Mrs. D.E. McCain and son, Jimmie, and Miss Ruth McCain are visiting in the home of T.C. McDade.

Quite a bunch of young people attended the ice cream supper at Merlee Skelton’s at Bellefontaine on Saturday night.

50 Years Ago: June 21, 1962 First Cotton Bloom Brought by Rodgers The first cotton bloom of 1962 was brought into the Progress office Monday morning by H.C. Rodgers of the Shady Grove community on Montevista Road. Mr. Rodgers had to come early to receive this distinction as while he was waiting for the Progress to open, Curry Meredith brought in a bloom from the Rinford Hubbard farm. The cotton was grown by Harold Staggs of Walthall.

Not long after that, Mrs. John Woods brought in a bloom from her husband’s crop. Then, in the mail came one from Lloyd L. Jones, who won last year’s free subscription. Later in the week, J.J. Hemphill of the Springhill community brought one in. Mr. Rodgers will receive the one-year free subscription. H.C.

Rodgers owns the land that produced the first bloom, but it is farmed by his two sons, Fred and Leroy.

Mr. Rodgers states that he has been farming since 1908. He has 14.2 acres that is now blooming and another 10 acres that is younger. The cotton that is blooming is the best he has ever produced. It has a very large stalk and was planted on April 17. He expects to make at least a bale to the acre this year.

Hebron News: Mr. and Mrs. McVay Hooper and Margie of Texas spent several days with relatives in this community.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Freshour and children visited Mrs. Rena Carson and children on Sunday afternoon in Mathiston.

Little Clint Eaves of Louisville spent several days last week with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Lucius.

Miss Peggy Lewis and Joyce Ann Brown spent Tuesday night with Mrs. Dean in Eupora.

Mrs. Minnie Carson of the delta is visiting relatives here this week.

Miss Donna Freshour is visiting relatives in Memphis.

Mrs. June Elliott and children of Greenwood is visiting here this week with Mrs. Ora Morgan.

25 Years Ago: June 18, 1987 Local Business Robbed of Guns, Jewelry The Eupora Police Department was called to investigate a break-in about 4:52 Saturday morning at Eddie Murphy’s Pawn Shop. Sammy Wells Freight Co. reported the break-in when the trucking firm stopped to make a delivery.

An officer arrived to investigate and Mr. Murphy was called to come and assist the police to identify what had been stolen. The burglar or burglars gained entrance into the building by breaking one of the front glass doors. The break-in was done without causing the burglar alarm on the doors to go off.

When the authorities opened the door, the alarm did go off.

A large number of guns and jewelry was reported as stolen merchandise. The owners did say that nothing on pawn had been stolen. Eupora Police Chief Vaughan Hollis could not give details about the robbery due to an ongoing investigation at this time. Mr. Murphy stated that a reward was being offered to anyone who could lead authorities to the arrest and conviction of the criminal.

Mt. Zion News: Mr. and Mrs. Charles O’Neal visited Mr. and Mrs. C.W. O’Neal on Sunday.

Mrs. Ida Mae Farley and David visited Mr. and Mrs. Allen Golding on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lucius visited Mr. and Mrs. Allen Golding on Saturday.

Mrs. Pudge Salley and Pete visited Patsy and Jeannie Watson a while on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Red Salley and family visited Mr. D.P. Salley several times last week.

The Kenneth Cooper family visited Mr. and Mrs. William Huffman and family in West Point on Sunday.

The Larry Watsons visited Mr. and Mrs. Travis Watson on Sunday.