Story Hour all about flowers

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — Mrs. Mary read “It Could Still be a Flower” to the little boys and the little girl that showed up for Story Hour at the Maben Public Library on May 4.

Mother’s Day was coming up and all of the day’s activities were centered on flowers. After the children listened to the story, which taught them words such as soil, stems, shrubs, bulbs, trees, buds, sunlight, water, wildflowers and rainforest, she handed them folded sheets of colored construction paper with Happy Mother’s Day on the front. Then the children proceeded to fill the card with stickers and drawings and their name. These cards were to be given to mother on her day.

Outside is always fun, so outside they went with cups with their name inscribed on the side, a sack of soil, a water can and packages of morning glory seeds. Ms. Mary scooped out soil for each cup; then the children dropped in the seed and covered it with a little soil, and Ms. Mary added a little water. They were instructed to put it in the window in the sunlight so it will grow. They were to then give the plant to mother for Mother’s Day complete with a personally autographed card.

Last but not least they checked out some books.