Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago: June 10, 1937 Traffic Laws are Amended Concerted efforts of the mayor, the marshal and members of the local board of aldermen to solve Eupora’s downtown traffic problem resulted last week in a lengthy ordinance which was passed unanimously and which, it is hoped, will go far toward a solution of this vexing problem.

The experiment was tried recently of allowing motor vehicles to park within the marked areas along both sides of Dunn Street, between Fox Avenue and Roane Avenue and on the white line in the center, but it was found that this did not work out.

The new ordinance now requires that there shall be no parking on the center stripe on Dunn Street and that all trucks and buses loading or unloading or taking on or discharging passengers shall have a time limit in these cases of 10 minutes. Other sections of the ordinance have to do with strict observances of the “Stop” signs at street intersections. Those who fail to bring their cars to a stop at such signs are subject to a fine of not less than $1, not more than $10 for each violation.

“We want to ask the cooperation of all,” states Mayor Harpole, “in our effort to relieve a situation which is growing worse every day. We do not want to fine anybody but we must insist upon a strict observance of the regulations.”

Included also in the ordinance, which is now in effect, are regulations requiring all motor vehicles driven at night on the streets of Eupora to be equipped with two headlights and one rear light. Subject to fine, also, are those who leave cars parked at the curb during the night unless both headlights and rear light are burning.

Rocky Hill News: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Misses Daisy and Dorris Johnson and Messrs. Excell and Odell Carr spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Travis Wilson.

Mrs. Emmitt Dodd spent Saturday evening with his sister, Mrs. Sam Dodd.

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Wilson spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Troy Wilson.

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Woods and family spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oswalt and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Seab Cook and granddaughter, Jessie Mae Wilson, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pearson and family.

Mrs. Zadie Schafer spent a while Monday evening with Mrs. Sarah Crowley.

Huey Dodd spent Friday night with Lynwood Dodd.

50 Years Ago: June 7, 1962 Sand Hill News: Visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Wilson over the weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Turner and children, Mr. Ruble Turner of Greenwood, and Mrs. Wilson’s sister, Lee, and her family from Dallas.

Mr. Len Snyder and daughter of Birmingham were visitors in the O.L. Snyder home.

Mrs. Lem Stallings has returned home after a visit with her son, Tommy, in Meridian.

Little Debbie Wilson has returned home after a visit with her grandparents.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Blalack and Evelyn were Sunday visitors in the Derwood Wilson home.

Mrs. Eddie Hood spent the day on Friday with her parents.

Mrs. W.C. Winfield and girls and Mrs. Jerry Martin were dinner guests in the Loyd Wilson home on Friday.

Fellowship News: Mr. and Mrs. Clark Starnes visited Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Breland Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Hayle Phelps and son spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Phelps of Reform.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pollard and family of Starkville visited Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Blackwell.

Mrs. Bessie Roberson of Reform spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. James R. Pollard and family.

Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Lewis and family of Jackson, TN and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Tidwell of Eupora visited Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Lewis on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Woodward and family of Eupora visited Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Woodward and family on Sunday.

Mrs. Casey Weeks and children of Blyth Creek Community spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bruce.

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Halford and family spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith.

25 Years Ago: June 4, 1987 Lollar’s Grove News: Mrs. Bertha Mae Cummings visited Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sims and Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Goines Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Nellie Goines visited Mrs. Edna Hill of Mathiston a while Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fuller Cooke of Columbus visited parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Goines, Friday night and Saturday.

Mrs. Erma Montroy visited Mrs. Delma Sims a while Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Thompson of Houston, TX visited Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sims a while Sunday. They are visiting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Thompson of Eupora.

Mr. R.B. Whitaker of Florence, AL and his mother, Mrs. Annie Whitaker, visited in the Archie Clark home. Center News:

It’s good to have Mrs. Georgie Huffman back home after she has been visiting her daughter and granddaughter in Canton.

Mrs. Clara Thornburg is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fannie Blalack, at Eupora.

Mrs. Georgie Huffman visited Mrs. Fannie Blalack a while Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Martha Rogers visited her mother and aunt recently.

Mrs. Georgie Huffman visited Mrs. Myrtle Johnson one afternoon last week.

Mrs. Doris Vance went to Jackson hospital yesterday to see her brother.