Children learn about ocean animals

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — The sun popped out, the flowers popped out and the kids popped up by the dozen for the Friday morning April 20 at the Maben Public Library.

The parking lot was lined up and down the hill, and little kids were headed out to the front door as fast as they could or as momma would let them. Finally they all gathered inside, and with a push and shove the big boys and little boys and the big girls and little girls all gathered around Ms. Mary as close as she would let them. Ms. Mary told the group of 16 kids and 15 adults that in two weeks she was going to the ocean to see the ocean creatures and soak up some sun and sand. Then she got out the big picture book, “Commotion in the Ocean,” and gradually traveled from page to page naming off the animals and describing what each looked like. Amazingly enough, a number of the children knew the names of the sea creatures. They saw crabs, turtles, dolphins, angelfish, jellyfish, sharks, swordfish, octopus, stingray, lobster, blue whale, barnacles, walruses, penguins and polar bears. As she described the animals, she then described the sounds they make. Afterwards Ms. Mary had each one name off his or her favorite creature.

Finally the story was over and they swarmed up to the tables, trying to be nice but “I want to sit here” and “I was here first,” and Ms. Mary handed them a fish color sheet with the famous dot markers, which are more fun than regular markers. What a mess! But what fun they had. Thank goodness for Greased Lightning and Elbow Grease to clean up the mess.

The most fun is always the Play-Doh. After digging in, the dough was out and on the table, and fists were mashing it flat so letters could be cut and worms could be rolled up. AHHHH! It is good to work with your hands. But all good thing must come to an end; time to check out books, to get your Dum-Dums at the big checkout desk and to run out the door until the next Story Hour. Quiet time at the library again.