Store takes steps to deter burglars

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — The proprietor of The General Store in Maben has replaced the front glass in the storefront with a type of Masonite (type of wood product), which hopefully provides a deterrent to future burglars, after suffering two break-ins within a month’s time. This building is the former home of Sander’s Hardware, Bell’s Hardware and Tenhet Hardware. Currently, the store provides customers with a range of products: groceries (frozen meats, boxed, canned and packaged dry staples. and fresh dairy products), fishing tackle and bait, cleaning supplies, minor home repair tools and school necessities. It has also provided a handrail to assist those coming up the elevated grade to the sidewalk proper. New signs have been added also. Establishing a new business from the ground up is not an easy task, but Betty Rogers continues to persevere in her efforts to provide a safe environment, friendly service and quality merchandise.