Maben Library displays beaded bags

By Dottie Dewberry For the WPT

MABEN — Good buddies of the Maben Public Library have for years kept a monthly display of items of interest for the Maben patrons. During the month of April, the good buddies of the library displayed bunnies, eggs, baskets and all things spring and Easter. The library has a new display that probably will appeal to the ladies more than the gents; nonetheless, it is a beautiful display of beaded handbags. Thanks to the generosity of Kay Lewis, retired English teacher per se and elementary teacher in general, has loaned a few of her collection of beaded handbags that were probably more popular in the 1920s. She also has loaned two dresses with purses for the outfits that she made for her daughter, which feature ribbon embroidery and French hand sewing, which is not a lost art but one that is becoming rare. She also has a number of outfits that she has made for her grandchildren. She says that they can wear them, but she does the laundering because they are so delicate. Mrs. Lewis spends numbers of hours creating these works of art. Next to doing French hand sewing and ribbon embroidery, Kay enjoys rambling around in antique shops looking for vintage clothing, which she has a large display of in her home in rural Oktibbeha County. One observation was made concerning the changes in sizes of clothing over the years: most people of today would be hard-pressed to fit into any of these vintage dresses. The public is invited to come and view the exhibit, which should be on loan for a few short weeks.